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Due to the acquisition of the Polygram library by MGM, the following announced DVD titles have been canceled: Amos And Andrew, At Close Range, Barb Wire, Bat 21, Blue Velvet, Carnal Knowledge, A Chorus Line, City Slickers, Double Impact, Dream Lover, Escape From New York, Honeymoon In Vegas, Hoosiers, Jason's Lyric, Keys To Tulsa, The Last Seduction, Lion In Winter, The Name Of The Rose, Platoon, The Princess Bride, The Producers, River's Edge, Romeo Is Bleeding, Salvador, Snow White: A Tale Of Terror, The Sure Thing, This Is Spinal Tap, Valley Girl and When Harry Met Sally.  These may become available on DVD through MGM Home Entertainment.  If you are eager to see any of the above canceled titles contact MGM.


THE CINEMA LASER reaches a minor milestone and is proud to announce that our on-line DVD reviews now number 200.  Thank you to all our friends and supporters.  We now return you to your regular programming...


Another small company gets into DVD in a big way.
Excerpt of press release...

Sterling Home Entertainment Debuts DVD Millennium Series With "World Premiere Video Exclusive" Release Of The Newest Jean-Claude Van Damme Feature Film Epic $35 Million Production Of LEGIONNAIRE Offers Viewers The Ultimate In DVD Entertainment With State-Of-The-Art DVD-ROM Features Available On February 9, 1999
(Studio City, CA) - Sterling Home Entertainment, the premiere independent home video distribution company for Imperial Entertainment and Lions Gate Films, will mark the formation of the company's new Sterling Millennium Series DVD collection with the "world premiere video exclusive" release of the epic $35 million production of Legionnaire, starring international action superstar Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Taking the next step towards the ultimate experience in DVD entertainment, Sterling Home Entertainment has created the Sterling Millennium Series. With the integration of several amazing DVD-ROM features, viewers can engage in an interactive experience that takes movie viewing to an unparalleled new level. Available for sell-through at the collectable price of $29.95 SRP, the first title in the Sterling Millennium Series will be the DVD-ROM release of Legionnaire. Tapping into the exploding market of DVD-enabled computers (which is expected to reach other 40 million users by the end of 1999), the Legionnaire DVD will contain a deluxe edition of the film featuring cast and crew interviews, audio commentary, widescreen presentation, and theatrical trailers; along with content exclusive to the DVD-ROM market such as trivia games, the entire original screenplay, Internet connection plus links to several exciting web sites and excerpts from the Harper-Collins novel "The French Foreign Legion."

The world premiere release of the Sterling Millennium Series Legionnaire DVD will offer viewers the following deluxe features:
The film's original widescreen presentation (2:35:1 aspect ratio)
Production notes with cast and crew interviews
An exclusively produced half-hour documentary featurette on the French Foreign Legion (with rare archived footage)
Audio commentaries from the filmmakers
International and domestic theatrical trailers/television spots
Biographies and filmographies of cast members
Spanish language-subtitled format


Go to the Internet Movie Data Base and check out the very cool DVD Browser.  Options allow you to Browse Labels, Browse Regions, Browse Subtitles, Browse Video Standards, Browse Picture Formats, Browse Aspect Ratios, Browse Packaging, Browse Disc Formats and of course Browse Titles.  Stop by and see it for yourself.


According to Laserviews, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment will be releasing titles on DVD at the $24.98 price point.  Coming on 4/27/99 are Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals Carousel, Oklahoma, South Pacific and State Fair.


According to Laserviews, Warner supposedly made an official DVD announcement for My Fair Lady months ago, but they never received the press release.  If you too are in the dark about this title the official street date is 12/08/98, in other words next week.  All you Audrey Hepburn fans can start salivating...


Godzilla Remains On Top As Announces List Of The Latest Top 10 DVD Movies Rented On The Internet

The Top Ten DVD Movies Rented on the Internet are:
1.    Godzilla
2.    Lost In Space
3.    The Horse Whisperer
4.    City Of Angels Special Edition
5.    Tomorrow Never Dies - Special Edition
6.    Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
7.    Mercury Rising
8.    Star Trek First Contact
9.    A Perfect Murder
10.  Species II


From Miramax Home Entertainment- The first title in their collector's edition series, GOOD WILL HUNTING will be released on DVD on December 8 at $39.99. It features seven deleted scenes from the movie as well as a new featurette.

From Dimension Home Video- The first title in their collector's edition series, SCREAM will also be released on DVD on December 8th at $39.99. Complete with on set interviews with the cast (where they are asked about their favorite horror movies), on set footage of scenes being filmed (including the opening with Drew), a new featurette and both theatrical trailers for the movie.

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