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May 2003 Headlines



A Hilarious Dark Comedy Featuring a Stellar Ensemble Cast Including Kevin Kline, Tracey Ullman, Keanu Reeves, River Phoenix, Joan Plowright, William Hurt and directed by Lawrence Kasdan

With so many people trying to kill him, Joey Boca may just live-forever! A brilliantly comedic ensemble cast including Academy Award® winner Kevin Kline (A Fish Called Wanda, Life as a House), Tracey Ullman (HBO's "Tracey Takes On"), Keanu Reeves (The Matrix Reloaded), River Phoenix (My Own Private Idaho), Academy Award® winner Joan Plowright (Enchanted April) and Academy Award® winner William Hurt (Kiss of the Spider Woman) star's in I LOVE YOU TO DEATH, a bawdy comedy based on the true story of a woman who tried to kill her husband - four times, will debut on DVD for the first time July 29 from Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment.

Tracey Ullman is Rosalie Boca, the devoted wife of a philandering pizza maker (Kline). When Rosalie learns that he's been squeezing more than just tomatoes, her homicidal instincts take over. She's Catholic, so divorce is out of the question. With the help of a New Age busboy (Phoenix), drug-addled cousins Harland and Marin (Hurt and Reeves) and her own mother (Plowright), Rosalie attempts to send Joey to that big bed in the sky. Hopelessly incompetent as killers, they beat, poison and shoot Joey who remains oblivious to their numerous attempts.

But love ultimately triumphs in this stranger-than-fiction comedy from Lawrence Kasdan, the acclaimed director of The Big Chill and The Accidental Tourist.




Starring Academy Award Nominee Ralph Fiennes, Golden Globe Winner Miranda Richardson, Golden Globe Winner Lynn Redgrave and Gabriel Byrne

Tangle yourself in one of the most "disturbingly powerful" movies of the year! Hailed as "a movie of stunning psychological complexity" (Rocky Mountain News)" SPIDER is the brilliant and haunting thriller from award-winning director David Cronenberg (eXistenz, Crash), premiering on DVD and videocassette July 29 from Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment.

Winner at the Toronto International Film Festival for Best Canadian Feature Film and Best Director at the Genie Awards, SPIDER was also honored with nominations at the Cannes Film Festival, the European Film Awards and the Golden Satellite Awards. Starring Academy Award nominee Ralph Fiennes (The English Patient, Schindler's List, Red Dragon), Golden Globe Winner Miranda Richardson (Enchanted April, Damage), Golden Globe Winner Lynn Redgrave (Shine, Gods and Monsters) and Gabriel Byrne (The Usual Suspects, Enemy of the State), SPIDER is adapted for the screen by acclaimed novelist Patrick McGrath (The Grotesque) from his own novel.

Set in East End London, SPIDER tells the intense story of a deeply disturbed young boy nicknamed Spider who sees his father brutally murder his mother and replace her with a prostitute, Yvonne (Richardson). Convinced they plan to murder him next, Spider hatches an insane plan, which he carries through to tragic effect. Years later, Spider (Fiennes) is released into a halfway house for the mentally ill, where he receives little care or attention from the landlady, Mrs. Wilkinson (Redgrave). Unsupervised, Spider stops taking his medication for acute schizophrenia and starts revisiting his childhood haunts. His attempts to sustain his delusional account of his past begin to unravel and Spider spirals into fresh madness and loses his fragile grip on reality.




A Touching Real-Life Love Story With Powerful Performances by Vincent D'Onofrio and Academy Award Nominee Renee Zellweger

Featuring electrifying career-making performances from Academy Award nominee Renee Zellweger (Chicago, Bridget Jones's Diary) and Vincent D'Onofrio (The Cell, TVs "Law & Order: Criminal Intent"), THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD is the moving true story of two star-crossed lovers. Nominated for two Independent Spirit Awards and the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival, THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD will be available for the first time on DVD July 29 from Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment.

Based on her acclaimed autobiographical memoir, One Who Walked Alone, THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD tells the story of Novalyne Price, an attractive feisty West Texas schoolteacher and her bittersweet, romantic and turbulent relationship with reclusive writer Robert E. Howard, the most popular American pulp fiction writer of the late '20s and early '30s. With an insatiable appetite for larger-than-life heroism and fantasy, Howard created such action-adventure classics as Conan the Barbarian, Red Sonja, and Krull the Conqueror. Price's intense desire to become a writer initially drew her to Howard and their brief two year relationship met with many obstacles, complicated by Howard's offbeat eccentric ways.

But theirs was a romance like no other: deeply passionate, intellectually stimulating, and always challenging - an unforgettable love story that ultimately changed the course of their lives.




In 1990, CNN was a 24-hour news network, looking for a 24-hour story. As Baghdad became an inevitable target of the first Gulf War, one by one other networks pulled out of the city until only the fledgling CNN remained. In January of 1991, CNN finally found their 24-hour story when their reporting team put themselves in harms way for the scoop of a lifetime and became the only American network to broadcast LIVE FROM BAGHDAD. On June 24th, LIVE FROM BAGHDAD will be available for purchase on DVD (SRP $26.98, MAP $19.95) and VHS (SRP $22.98, MAP $14.95) from HBO Video. (Runtime: 108 minutes, Not Rated AC GL)

Adapted from the memoir of the same name by former CNN senior executive producer Robert Weiner (Michael Keaton), LIVE FROM BAGHDAD tells the riveting story of a group of reporters determined to make history with a journalistic coup: broadcasting live from behind enemy lines during the Gulf War. In August 1990, Robert Weiner along with his producing partner and comrade Ingrid Formanek (Helena Bonham Carter), led their crew to the Iraqi capital of Baghdad a few months before the U.N. imposed deadline for the Iraqis to withdraw their presence from Kuwait. With the "Big Three" networks scrambling to get the story, CNN’s Wiener put aside personal safety to cover the crisis as it escalated to war. In the end CNN made history by becoming the only American network to broadcast continuous coverage LIVE FROM BAGHDAD as the war erupted. As a result, CNN’s feed was picked up by all the major broadcast networks, cementing CNN’s place as a serious player in the news business.

Critics call LIVE FROM BAGHDAD a movie that is "extraordinary … a must see" (NY Daily News) with "electric storytelling" (LA Daily News) and "memorable performances" (NY Times) that "explodes with dramatic energy" (Chicago Sun Times).

Additional DVD Content

LIVE FROM BAGHDAD on DVD is presented in 16:9 widescreen format and Dolby 5.1 audio. The DVD also includes an audio commentary by director Mick Jackson. LIVE FROM BAGHDAD is also presented in Spanish Dolby Surround and English, Spanish and French subtitles.

Program Information

Adapted from the memoir "LIVE FROM BAGHDAD: Gathering News from Ground Zero" by Robert Weiner, the film is directed by Mick Jackson (Emmy®-winning "Tuesdays with Morrie"; "The Bodyguard). LIVE FROM BAGHDAD stars Michael Keaton ("Batman"; "Johnny Dangerously"), Helena Bonham Carter ("Fight Club"; "Planet of the Apes"), Lili Taylor ("High Fidelity"; HBO’s "Six Feet Under"),` Bruce McGill ("My Cousin Vinny"; "National Lampoon’s Animal House") and Robert Wisdom ("The Heist"; " That Thing You Do")



David Wenham and Susie Porter Star In A Steaming, Sexy Romantic Comedy That's Worth The Commitment

Make a commitment with no strings attached to the sexy and provocative new romantic comedy BETTER THAN SEX starring David Wenham (The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, Moulin Rouge) and Susie Porter (Paradise Road, Star Wars: Episode II). The film was nominated for eight AFI Awards (Australian Film Institute) and is coming to DVD and videocassette for the first time July 29 from Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment.

When wildlife photographer Josh and fashion designer Cin meet a party in Sydney, they are not initially attracted to one another. But after sharing a taxi ride home, they decide to take advantage of the opportunity to have a one-night-stand. After all, Josh has to return to London in three days so there's no way this can go anywhere - or can it? As their one night together last's a little longer than expected through three days of sex and conversation, it begins to look like their lust just might be turning into love - if they let it go that far!

A highly sensual, contemporary and honest romantic comedy that explores what men and women really want from life - and each other, BETTER THAN SEX is the debut film from writer/director Jonathan Teplitzky.




When Arliss Michaels talks, pro athletes listen. They know that when it comes to getting the biggest bucks in today’s cutthroat sports world, an ordinary agent won’t do. They need a sports superagent -- an agent like Arliss Michaels. Starring, created by and executive produced by Robert Wuhl, "Arli$$" takes a hilarious, behind-the-scenes look at the glitzy, big-money world of professional sports. Just in time for Father’s Day, HBO’s longest running comedy series is coming exclusively to DVD in THE BEST OF ARLI$$ due in stores on June 10.

Featuring 13 half hour episodes chosen from seven critically acclaimed seasons, THE BEST OF ARLI$$ will include an audio commentary with stars Robert Wuhl, Michael Boatman, Jim Turner, and Sandra Oh. The 2-disc DVD set has a suggested retail price of $39.98 and will feature a world-class team of guest stars like Tommy Lasorda, Tonya Harding, Roger Clemens, George Steinbrenner, Tara Lipinski, Yogi Berra and more. (Runtime: 360 minutes, Not Rated)

Called "wickedly satirical" by the Cleveland Plain-Dealer, ARLI$$ cleverly combines fictional storylines and guest appearances by actual sports celebrities playing themselves. USA Today termed "Arli$$" "brilliant HBO," concluding, it’s "as good as TV gets," while the Boston Herald hailed the show as "a very funny series," and the Hollywood Reporter praised the show for its "welcome freshness and tight delivery."


Arliss Michaels (Robert Wuhl) is a high-powered Los Angeles agent, an endlessly resourceful, eternally optimistic, fast-talking schmoozer who constantly flirts with disaster as he seeks to squeeze maximum profit from the glory of sports. Beset by demanding corporate sponsors, unsentimental team owners and media sharks, this "ethically challenged" wheeler-dealer has an uncanny knack for finding solutions to seemingly hopeless problems -- however questionable the means. Cast regulars on "Arli$$" also include Jim Turner ("The Ref") as Kirby Carlisle and Sandra Oh ("The Princess Diaries") as Rita Wu. Michael Boatman ("Spin City") appears in a recurring role as Stanley.

Program Information

The executive producers of "ARLI$$" are Michael Tollin, Brian Robbins, Robert Wuhl and Timothy Marx; co-executive producers, Jonny Fink, Allan Stephan and Matt McGuinness; producers, Peter J. Barnett, Seth Greenland, Rebecca Reynolds and Judith Blume; co-producers, Chrisanne Eastwood and John Murray; consulting producer, Joan Ackermann.

Robert Wuhl’s films include "Batman," "Bull Durham," "Cobb," "Good Morning, Vietnam" and "Open Season" (which he directed). He was previously seen on HBO in his own "HBO Comedy Hour" and the very first edition of "Tales from the Crypt," as well as a 1986 "Cinemax Comedy Experiment." He won two Emmys®, for his writing contributions to the 1991 and 1992 Oscar® telecasts.

Jim Turner’s credits include the feature films "Run, Ronnie, Run," "Joe’s Apartment" and "The Ref." Sandra Oh has guested on HBO’s "Six Feet Under," while her films include "Big Fat Liar," "The Princess Diaries" and "Waking the Dead"; she received an award from the National Association of Minorities in Cable for her work on "ARLI$$". Michael Boatman is also a regular on "Spin City," and has been seen in such movies as "The Peacemaker," "The Glass Shield" and "Running on Empty."


Starring Academy Award® Nominee George Segal and Academy Award® Winner Eva Marie Saint

Acclaimed director Irvin Kershner (The Empire Strikes Back, Eyes of Laura Mars) delivers a shattering tale of romantic intrigue in LOVING, a devastating drama starring Academy Award® nominee George Segal (TV's "Just Shoot Me," Flirting with Disaster) and Academy Award® winner Eva Marie Saint (I Dreamed of Africa, North by Northwest), debuting on DVD July 29 from Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment.

Successful middle-aged commercial illustrator Brooks Wilson (Segal) has it all: a beautiful wife (Saint), two adorable children and a fast-rising career. He risks throwing it all away for his tempestuous mistress Grace (Janis Young - TV's "Another World"). Soon, his picture-perfect life spins out of control, threatening to destroy everything he's worked so hard to get.

Also featuring Roy Scheider (Jaws, The French Connection), Sterling Hayden (The Godfather, 9 to 5) and Keenan Wynn (Dr. Strangelove or How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Bomb), LOVING is a powerful romantic drama about one man's struggle with life and himself.





Robert De Niro and James Woods Star In Sergio Leone's Internationally Acclaimed Masterpiece Featuring Footage Never-Before-Seen in North America Theaters

Warner Home Video (WHV) releases one of the most sought after films not yet available on DVD, when ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA debuts June 10 in a special two-disc DVD presentation.  The film has been described as a masterpiece by cinephiles around the world, recognized by director Martin Scorsese as a major influence on his career, and noted as one of the greatest movies ever made by star James Woods.

The international release, with footage never-before-seen in North American theaters, features commentary by noted film historian Richard Schickel, a making-of documentary: Once Upon a Time: Sergio Leone and theatrical trailers. The double-disc DVD will sell for $26.99.

"This film represents Leone's passion and dedication as no other in his filmography," stated Arnon Milchan, founder of New Regency Productions and producer of ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA.  "We have taken painstaking care to maintain the integrity of the film as Leone intended, including remixing and remastering the original sound tracks.   With more than a year dedicated to the digitally remastered and restored ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA, the film is being presented the way it was meant to be seen.    It's wonderful to once again experience on DVD."

"We have captured the original look and feel of this engrossing homage to the gangster film on DVD for both new and current fans of this masterpiece to appreciate," said Michael Radiloff, WHV vice president of DVD marketing. "Now a whole new generation of film lovers will have an opportunity to see one of the most talked about motion pictures of all time and also own a piece of film history."

Released in 1984, the film received two Golden Globe™ nominations, best director and best original score; won the British Academy of Film and Theater Arts (BAFTA) Award for best score and best costume design; and earned best supporting actress,  best director, and best cinematography nominations for Tuesday Weld, Sergio Leone and Tonino Delli Colli.  Composer Ennio Morricone's haunting score won the Los Angeles Film Critics Association Award.

The film had its premiere screening at the TriBeCa Film Festival in New York on Sunday, May 11 to sell-out  audiences.   On Tuesday, June 3 the American Cinematheque in Los Angeles will present a special screening followed by a panel discussion featuring star James Woods, producer Arnon Milchan, executive in charge of production Fred Caruso and others.


Sergio Leone, the Italian filmmaker whose artistic sensibilities created new interpretations of the American western with his landmark productions of "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly," "A Fistful of Dollars" and "For A Few Dollars More," and who brought international stardom to Clint Eastwood, crafts an unparalleled saga about two friends and the complex urban underworld in which they live.

Starring Robert De Niro as David "Noodles" Aaronson and James Woods as Max, the boyhood cohort with whom his life becomes inextricably meshed, ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA chronicles the ruthless ambitions that drive them.  The compelling story embraces a world of gritty realities, raw emotions, secret longings, explosive conflicts, and the volatile passions that destroy them and those who love them.  Directed by Sergio Leone, the film follows Noodles and Max and their cadre of Jewish gangsters in New York from their early 1900's childhood, through the glory years of prohibition and their subsequent reunion 35 years later.

ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA features a stellar cast of well-known and respected actors, including the debut of Academy Award™ winner Jennifer Connelly (A Beautiful Mind).  Such stars as Elizabeth McGovern, Treat Williams, Tuesday Weld, Joe Pesci, Burt Young, Danny Aiello, and William Forsythe play roles exquisitely interpreted in Leone's masterpiece.

With a haunting score by Ennio Morricone, ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA marks a milestone in cinema history as the ultimate saga about the life of early urban gangsters and lasts in memory long after the last frame.

The two-disc DVD special features include:

The DVD will be offered in widescreen format [16x9 1.85:1].  It will also include English and French languages (dubbed in Québécois) and subtitles in English, French and Spanish.




CRADLE 2 THE GRAVE - the hard-hitting urban action hit from the makers of Romeo Must Die and Exit Wounds, starring international action film star Jet Li and multi-platinum-selling hip-hop artist DMX, debuts on DVD and VHS August 12 from Warner Home Video (WHV). The DVD will sell for $27.95 SRP; and the VHS will be available at $19.96 SRP.

Directed by Andrzej Bartkowiak, CRADLE 2 THE GRAVE "comes from the same aesthetic as our two previous hip urban action pictures," says Joel Silver, producer of The Matrix trilogy and both the Die Hard and Lethal Weapon series.  "Each has gone a step further and we think Cradle is the best yet." The movie marks Silver and Bartkowiak's fourth collaboration after Romeo Must Die, Exit Wounds and Lethal Weapon 4.

Integral to what's known as the "hip-hop kung fu" genre -- pioneered by Silver Pictures -- is the on-screen pairing of Jet Li and DMX.  With the help of renowned martial arts director Corey Yuen (Lethal Weapon 4, Romeo Must Die), Li developed and choreographed the film's numerous fight scenes. DMX wrote and recorded three original tracks for CRADLE 2 THE GRAVE, including the first single from the film, "X Gon' Give It to Ya," "Right Wrong" and "Go to Sleep."  The music video for the hit single "X Gon' Give It to Ya" will be featured on both the VHS and DVD.


CRADLE 2 THE GRAVE will be available in both widescreen and full-screen editions and will include the following special features:

Other DVD special features include the theatrical trailer, filmography, English and French (dubbed in Québécois) languages and subtitles in English, French and Spanish.


Armed with a potent combination of charisma, street smarts and martial arts expertise, Tony Fait (DMX) dominates the streets with passionate precision, taking care of his fiercely loyal crew with a dedication surpassed only by his love for his young daughter.  But when his daughter is kidnapped and held in exchange for a cache of priceless diamonds, Fait must forge an unlikely alliance with a Taiwanese intelligence officer (Li) who has pursued the extraordinary stones halfway across the world.  Adversaries by code but allied by circumstance, the master thief and the enigmatic agent join forces to wage war on their common enemy.




The celebrated duo of Jeremy Brett and Edward Hardwicke are back as the masterful Sherlock Holmes and his faithful cohort Dr. Watson in THE RETURN OF SHERLOCK HOLMES. MPI Home Video will release the first three volumes of the series, produced by Granada Television in London, on DVD June 24th. Each volume includes two episodes based on the original stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

VOLUME ONE - The Empty House & The Abbey Grange

"The Empty House" begins three years after Sherlock Holmes supposedly plunged to his death at Reichenbach Falls while battling archrival Professor Moriarty in "The Final Chapter." Watson and Lestrade are attempting to solve a murder, yet their efforts produce nothing until Watson spots a mysterious visitor in court listening to testimony about the murdered man. Has Holmes returned from the dead?

In "The Abbey Grange," a notorious gang of thieves is suspected of a murder, until Holmes and Watson make some startling discoveries, including a charred dog collar. Holmes and Watson piece together a strange puzzle of love, violence, and deceit.

VOLUME TWO - The Second Stain & The Six Napoleons

A secret letter is stolen from the house of the Secretary of European Affairs in "The Second Stain." It is feared that the contents to the letter could cause a "great war" by falling into the wrong hands, and Holmes and Watson are led into a tangled web of international intrigue.

In the case of "The Six Napoleons," busts of Napoleon are being found smashed to bits all over London. Holmes and Watson are asked to investigate the bizarre events, and a murder that may be related.

VOLUME THREE - The Priory School & Wisteria Lodge

The son a wealthy Duke is kidnapped from his preparatory school in "The Priory School."Holmes and Watson are asked to investigate, but the trail is cold and the boy seems to have vanished.

In "Wisteria Lodge," a guest awakens to find his host, the footman and the cook all had vanished in the night! Holmes and Watson enter into one of the most baffling and intriguing cases of their careers when a foreign tyrant, an English governess and an unorthodox police inspector lead them on a wild goose chase, that starts with murder.



Fascinating Documentary About The Remarkable Rise & Fall & Rise Again Of Legendary Hollywood Producer Robert Evans

Special DVD Packed With Hours of Never-Before-Seen Classic Hollywood Footage and Rare Archival Interviews

Winner of Best Documentary - Boston Society of Film Critics & Seattle Film Critics Awards

Nominated For Best Documentary - Broadcast Film Critics Assoc. & Golden Satellite Awards

"There are three sides to every story: my side, your side, and the truth.  And no one is lying. Memories shared serve each one differently."  --Robert Evans

The compelling story of a true legend, THE KID STAYS IN THE PICTURE, a critically-acclaimed documentary film of the life and career of famed Hollywood producer and studio executive, Robert Evans, will be available on DVD and VHS from Warner Home Video (WHV) August 19.  THE KID STAYS IN THE PICTURE will be available at $27.95 SRP for the DVD and $22.98 SRP for the VHS.

Heralded as "one of the funniest and most telling films of the year" (New York Times), "a must-see film" (Washington Post) and "compulsively watchable" (Rolling Stone), THE KID STAYS IN THE PICTURE is "one of the most honest films ever made about Hollywood" raves Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times. The film has also been featured on Entertainment Weekly's Top Ten list of Best Movies of 2002.

Adapted from his tell-all autobiography into a show-all movie, THE KID STAYS IN THE PICTURE traces the meteoric rise, fall and rise again of Evans and takes the audience on an intimate journey into the life and mind of this award-winning Hollywood legend.

Since having its world premiere at the 2002 Sundance Film Festival, THE KID STAYS IN THE PICTURE has received accolades and recognition from such prestigious groups as the Boston Society of Film Critics (Best Documentary Award), Seattle Film Critics Award (Best Documentary), the National Society of Film Critics (Best Non-Fiction Film nomination) the Broadcast Film Critics Association (Best Documentary nomination) and the International Press Academy's Golden Satellite Awards (Best Documentary nomination).  In addition this year, Evans has been honored with the Producers Guild of America David O. Selznick Lifetime Achievement Award, International Press Academy's Mary Pickford Award for Outstanding Artistic Contribution to the Entertainment Industry and the Larry King Foundation's Spirit of Life Award.

Robert Evans lived the life of which dreams are made.  His film career started in 1956, poolside at the Beverly Hills Hotel.  His good looks, charm, and overwhelming confidence captured the eye of screen idol Norma Shearer, who immediately offered him a role in the film Man of a Thousand Faces.  After a glamorous, but short-lived, career as a movie star, Evans decided to try his hand at producing.  At the age of 34, with no producing credits to his name, he landed a job as chief of production at Paramount Pictures, at a time when the studio was teetering on the brink of financial collapse.  During his tenure from 1966-1974, a flood of commercially and artistically successful pictures followed.  Under Evans' control, Paramount released some of the greatest films of the era including The Godfather, Love Story, Rosemary's Baby, The Odd Couple, The Conformist, Harold and Maude and Chinatown.

Evans basked in the golden glow of his success, hosting legendary parties at his lavish Beverly Hills mansion attended by his closest friends Warren Beatty, Jack Nicholson, Roman Polanski, Henry Kissinger, and Dustin Hoffman. Long considered one of Tinseltown's most enduring bachelors, Evans has enjoyed meaningful love affairs with some of the most beautiful women of the past half-century, including Ava Gardner, Grace Kelly, Lana Turner, Ali MacGraw, Cheryl Tiegs, Raquel Welch, and Margaux Hemingway. THE KID STAYS IN THE PICTURE shares gripping anecdotes about Evans's unusual friendships and follows the thread of his tumultuous love life.

By the early '80s, the "Golden Boy" of Hollywood was losing his luster. After a failed marriage to Ali MacGraw, a cocaine bust, and finally, a rumored involvement in the "Cotton Club" murder, Evans disappeared into near-obscurity. Now, having survived nearly five decades in the movie business and only through tremendous will and uncanny luck has he once again risen as "the kid who stays in the picture."

Narrated by Evans in his distinctive voice and storytelling manner, THE KID STAYS IN THE PICTURE is directed by Academy Award® nominated filmmakers Brett Morgen and Nanette Burstein ("On The Ropes") who brought this Hollywood tale to life utilizing visual effects, archival footage and clips from classic films to create a rich visual and aural portrait of a truly irresistible larger-than-life character.


The DVD release will include the following bonus features:




Deejaying in a band is a dream for many club DJs. Now world-famous DJ KNS helps make this dream come true in DJING IN A BAND, an exciting new DVD from Warner Bros. Publications. A detail-packed 42-minute program, DJING IN A BAND demonstrates the essentials of performing with a band for DJs. The video's viewers can glimpse techniques such as scratching with vocals, creating drum beats, and understanding music theory. DJ KNS gets versatile with vinyl turntables and CD players, while accompanying the rock band Ucada in DJING IN A BAND.

In this step-by-step, easy-to-follow instructional DVD, DJ KNS guides his viewers on a tour of the "must needed equipment" needed to be a DJ in a band, how to select music, and seven essential scratches for vinyl and CDs. He then progresses to more advanced topics like adding vocals, sounds and instrumental parts; playing drum loops and creating unique beat patterns. He then completes the video lesson with a little something every good DJ must have a knowledge of-music theory.

DJ KNS also shares his ideas of blending the noticeable sounds of DJing in with the band's musical performance. As DJ KNS sums up his philosophy in the video, "There is no 'I' in team." Through an upbeat performance, the dynamic duos of DJ KNS with Ucada really demonstrate the positive effects produced by introducing the sounds of DJing with a band.

Special DVD Features include:  Bonus Video Footage, Additional Product Previews, Internet Connectivity, and Interactive Menus.

DJING IN A BAND is in tune with a major trend. Today, many bands are turning to DJs to add unique sounds to the flavor of the overall music. As Ricky Graf, of Ucada puts it, "I couldn't see myself in a band without a DJ." The DVD DJING IN A BAND not only demonstrates the necessary skills essential to DJing with a band, but also includes a live performance by DJ KNS with the rock band Ucada showing how to put these skills to use on stage.

DJING IN A BAND on DVD is a part of the DJ Styles Series from Warner Bros. Publications, with a suggested retail price of $16.95. Also in the DJ Styles Series are DJing with CDs and DJ Mixing and Remixing.  All titles are available on VHS as well.



Featuring Six Winter-Themed THOMAS & FRIENDS Adventures with Storytellers Alec Baldwin and George Carlin Plus An Engaging New Music Video VHS and DVD Available September 23, 2003 from Anchor Bay Entertainment

This holiday season, the Really Useful Engines bring trainloads of good cheer with THOMAS’ SNOWY SURPRISE & OTHER THOMAS ADVENTURES, set to steam into stores on VHS and DVD September 23, 2003 from Anchor Bay Entertainment. (Order date August 26).

Offering holiday entertainment for young engineers and their families, this latest release in the popular THOMAS & FRIENDS series features three all-new, winter-themed adventures with storyteller Alec Baldwin, three holiday favorites with storyteller George Carlin, and "Winter Wonderland," a new sing-along music video. Produced by HIT Entertainment, THOMAS’ SNOWY SURPRISE & OTHER THOMAS ADVENTURES is recommended for children ages 2-6.  The suggested retail price for the 35-minute VHS is $12.98 and the DVD with bonus materials is $19.98.

The Thomas' Snowy Surprise DVD includes three brand new Island of Sodor holiday-themed games, along with the Sodor Super Stars Hall of Fame, which is full of fun and exciting facts about Thomas and his friends.

Anchor Bay Entertainment will also release a Special LIMITED EDITION of the Thomas' Snowy Surprise VHS packaged with an exclusive holiday train. The package, perfect for gift-giving, has a suggested retail price of $14.98.

When snow falls on the Island of Sodor, everyone knows that the holidays are coming. Still, it's no time for celebration for Thomas and his friends, who keep their engines roaring to stay warm as they plow snow from the tracks, carry coal and bring important messages around the island--even in blizzard conditions.

Thomas fans are sure to enjoy the nostalgic scenes in Thomas' Snowy Surprise.   The countryside and villages of the Island of Sodor never looked so beautiful as they do covered in a mantle of snow.  Children are sure to enjoy these heartwarming tales-and parents too!

So, clear the tracks to spend the holidays with Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends as they learn about perseverance, friendship and cooperation in these bright and cheery stories:

It's Only Snow-It's winter and the engines must all use snowplows. Thomas doesn't like his snowplow, which breaks in the heavy snow just as he's trying to deliver a very special Yule tree to the village. But Thomas, always determined to take on a challenge, navigates his way through the snow and makes his delivery, much to the relief of the villagers.

Jack Frost-It's freezing on the Island and James and Percy are to deliver extra coal to the stations. Percy is frightened by Thomas' stories of Jack Frost, but James isn't scared at all. When Percy parks on the sidings for the night after delivering the last of his coal to a needy station, a storm arrives and covers him with frost. James sees Percy and mistakes him for Jack Frost. Frightened, he races back to the sheds. The next morning he brags to the others that he met Jack Frost. Percy arrives and dispels James' story and all the engines have a good laugh.

Toby Had A Little Lamb-Farmer McColl's lambs are stuck on a hillside, cut off by snow. He needs a vet to tend to them, so Duck is sent with his snowplow, but he can't get through either. Toby remembers his old branch line and volunteers to negotiate the dangerous journey to try to save the lambs. It works and everyone is proud of Toby's courage.

Snow - The snow is as deep as it has ever been on the Island of Sodor, and Percy finds himself stuck on the tracks.  Thomas scoffs at his Percy's predicament, but soon finds himself stranded too.  Percy then recollects the worst winter ever when an avalanche threatened the rails. Thomas and Percy are rescued by their engine friends.

Thomas' Christmas Party - Mrs. Kindley once did a great favor for the engines and in return throw her a holiday party.  Thomas and all of his friends from the engine shed have a grand time, making it the best Christmas ever.

Thomas and the Missing Christmas Tree - Thomas desperately wants to join in the caroling at the Island's big Yuletide party, but Sir Topham Hatt reminds him of the important work he must do first.  Off he goes to fetch the big Christmas tree, but he gets caught in a snowdrift.  Everyone fears the worst, but the Scottish twins Douglas and Donald, rescue Thomas just in time to sing at the celebration.

After these engaging stories, young engineers will enjoy an added holiday treat, the new THOMAS & FRIENDS music video, "Winter Wonderland."




Get set for BIG TROUBLE when Peter Falk (TV's "Columbo") and Alan Arkin (The In-Laws) reunite as a wacky pair of insurance swindlers in this riotous spoof of Double Indemnity from director John Cassavetes (The Dirty Dozen, Rosemary's Baby). Written by Andrew Bergman (Honeymoon in Vegas, Striptease), BIG TROUBLE premiering on DVD July 22 from Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment.

The trouble and laughs start when insurance man Leonard Hoffman (Arkin) decides to send his three sons to Yale. To raise cash, Leonard is drawn into a bizarre scheme by Steve Rickey (Falk) and his screwball wife Blanche (Beverly D'Angelo - National Lampoon's Vacation). But their plot to collect an "accidental" death policy gets sidetracked by a series of hilariously unforeseen twists that let things get progressively stranger .... and funnier.

Can these unlikely allies pull off the sting before they get stung? Falk and Arkin pile up big laughs as they get deeper and deeper into BIG TROUBLE!




Talented young stars Brittany Murphy (Just Married, 8 Mile), Mena Suvari (American Beauty, American Pie), Jason Schwartzman (Rushmore, Simone), John Leguizamo (Empire, Moulin Rouge) and Patrick Fugit (Almost Famous, White Oleander) team up with Hollywood veterans Mickey Rourke (9 ½ Weeks) and Eric Roberts (TVs "Less Than Perfect,") in the critically-acclaimed gritty comedy SPUN from Grammy Award and MTV Music Video Award winning director Jonas Akerlund, premiering in both R-Rated and Unrated Versions on DVD and videocassette July 22 from Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment.

Praised by critics as "a tour de force of grunge atmosphere - a swaggering journey into hell that conveys a chortling amusement at its own apocalyptic imagination" (The New York Times), SPUN centers on college dropout and out-of-control speed freak Ross (Schwartzman) who is introduced to the local crystal meth cook (Rourke) through his dealer Spider Mike (Leguizamo) and agrees to become his personal driver in exchange for free drugs. With his friends Nikki (Murphy), Cookie (Suvari) and Frisbee (Fugit) in tow, a massive three-day adventure ensues as he ricochets from one bizarre situation to the next, descending deeper and deeper into the insomniac, anarchic and amoral world of meth junkies and the strange characters who inhabit it.

Featuring original music from The Smashing Pumpkins' Billy Corgan, SPUN is a provocative, dizzying ride reminiscent of the Oscar® nominated Requiem for a Dream.




Award-Winning Hitchcockian Crime Thriller Featuring Cesar Award Best Actress Winner Emmanuelle Devos From Acclaimed Director Jacques Audiard

She teaches him good manners. He teaches her bad ones. Sexy French actors Emmanuelle Devos (My Sex Life) and Vincent Cassel (Brotherhood of the Wolf) star in READ MY LIPS, the award-winning film noir thriller that critics are raving about, coming to DVD and videocassette July 22 from Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment.

Winner of three Cesar Awards including Best Actress and Best Original Writing, READ MY LIPS was also an Official Selection at the Toronto International Film Festival, Berlin International Film Festival, San Francisco International Film Festival and Opening Night at Rendezvous with New French Cinema at the Lincoln Center. READ MY LIPS was also proclaimed by critics as "A brilliant Hitchcockian thriller" (The New York Times) and "An expert, refreshing complex thriller" (Entertainment Weekly) that "Keeps viewers on the edge until the final shot" (People).

Young secretary Carla (Devos) is a long-time employee of a property development company. Loyal and hardworking, first to arrive and last to leave, Carla is beginning to chafe at the limitations of her career and is looking to move up. But as a 35-year-old woman with a hearing deficiency, she is not sure how to climb out of her humdrum life, though she is confident in her own abilities. Into her life comes Paul Angeli (Cassel), a new trainee she decides to hire. Paul is 25 years old and completely unskilled, but Carla covers for him when the need arises because of his other qualities - he's a thief, fresh out of jail and very good looking. It's a case of good meeting bad in this tense crime thriller from director Jacques Audiard.





Two-sided DVD Debut Includes Historian Commentary, Documentaries, Music Videos and More!

On July 15, experience the heroism and tragedy of a nation divided as Warner Home Video (WHV) releases Gods & Generals, a rousing and profoundly touching epic about the early years of America's fierce Civil War, based on Jeff Shaara's New York Times' best-seller. A prequel to the acclaimed film Gettysburg, Gods & Generals is available for the first time on DVD with a two-sided DVD 18 disc in widescreen format for $27.98 SRP.

Robert Duvall, Jeff Daniels and Stephen Lang star in this grand epic about the life and heroism of General Robert E. Lee, Colonel Joshua Chamberlain and General Stonewall Jackson during the first two years of America's Civil War.

DVD special features that will command viewers' attention include:

"WHV is proud to bring the courage and tragedy of the Civil War to life with the home video release of Gods & Generals," said Mike Saksa, WHV Senior Vice President, U.S. Marketing. "The wide range of DVD special features enhance the viewing experience and make it a truly authentic epic saga."

To coincide with the DVD release of Gods & Generals, WHV offers the DVD debut of the television movie Andersonville, a powerful tale of inmates of the notorious Georgia prison at the height of the Civil War, based on MacKinley Kantor's novel. Andersonville, which garnered director John Frankenheimer an Emmy®, available in widescreen format on DVD for $19.98 SRP.

As an added incentive for Civil War film buffs, consumers who buy Gods & Generals and Andersonville will receive a free DVD of Red Badge of Courage (plus $3.25 in shipping and handling). In addition, consumers who purchase Gods and Generals on DVD or VHS and the Gods and Generals soundtrack are eligible for a $3.00 mail-in rebate. Promotion details are subject to change.



Fresh off the success of South Park: The Complete First Season, Warner Home Video (WHV) releases SOUTH PARK: THE COMPLETE SECOND SEASON on DVD, June 3, 2003. Now Cartman, Kenny, Kyle, Stan and the other good citizens of South Park are back with more of the irreverent and wildly insane humor that has made them a nationwide phenomenon. Included in this highly-anticipated release are all eighteen episodes of the classic second season plus awesome bonus features. SOUTH PARK: THE COMPLETE SECOND SEASON will be available in a 3-disc boxed set, for $49.98 SRP DVD.

The pop culture phenomenon produced by the creative team of Matt Stone and Trey Parker is now in its seventh season as Comedy Central's all-time highest rated series. SOUTH PARK: THE COMPLETE SECOND SEASON includes introductions from creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker on select episodes, the documentary "Goin' Down To South Park," Chef's Music Video "Chocolate Salty Balls," a promo spot, English Stereo and English, French and Spanish subtitles.


  1. Terrance & Phillip In Not Without My Anus: What starts off as a build-up from the first season's cliffhanger, revolving around Cartman's paternal origins, becomes an April Fool's Day prank starring the boy's favorite Canadian comedy team.

  2. Cartman's Mom Is Still A Dirty Slut: The question of Cartman's paternal origins are about to be revealed when Dr. Mephisto is mysteriously shot and the boys are left on their own to discover who his real father is.

  3. Chickenlover: Someone in South Park is having sex with the town's chickens and only the illiterate Officer Barbrady and his newly christened deputies Kenny, Kyle, Stan and Cartman can stop them.

  4. Ike's Wee Wee: Ike's going to have a bris and everyone is invited, but when Stan, Kenny and Cartman find out what a bris really is, they try to warn Kyle that his parents are going to cut off Ike's wee wee.

  5. Conjoined Fetus Lady: Kyle's mother begins a campaign to educate the boys on the school nurse's curious "condition." Meanwhile the South Park Cows dodgeball team goes to the international finals in China.

  6. The Mexican Staring Frog Of Southern Sri Lanka: While researching Vietnam for a class assignment, the boys are told outrageous tales by Stan's Uncle Jimbo and his friend Ned, prompting the boys to take revenge.

  7. City On The Edge Of Forever: While their school bus is dangling on the edge of a cliff, the boys recount some of their past adventures. Meanwhile Mrs. Crabtree does a brief stint as a stand-up comedienne.

  8. Summer Sucks: Jonathan Katz guest stars as himself when Mr. Garrison seeks psychiatric help after the disappearance of Mr. Hat. Meanwhile the state has put a ban on fireworks, so Jimbo and Ned head to Mexico to smuggle some in.

  9. Chef's Chocolate Salty Balls: A film festival moves to South Park, causing a devastating effect on the sewer system, so Mr. Hankey calls upon Kyle for help. Unfortunately the movie people misinterpret Kyle's plea.

  10. Chickenpox: Cartman's mother plots to give the boys chickenpox by sending them over to Kenny's for sleepover, but when Kyle discovers the "parental conspiracy" the boys hire a prostitute to give their parents herpes.

  11. Roger Ebert Should Lay Off The Fatty Foods: The kids go on a field trip to a planetarium which then makes everyone but Cartman act weird, so it's up to Stan and Kyle to get to the bottom of the mystery.

  12. Clubhouses: Stan needs to build a clubhouse so he and Kyle can play Truth or Dare with Wendy and her friend, which leads Cartman and Kenny to retaliate by building a clubhouse of their own, complete with hot chicks.

  13. Cow Days: During South Park's annual Cow Days, the cows become transfixed on a cow statue and, in order to raise the money they need for Terrance and Phillip dolls, the boys sign Cartman up for bull-riding contest.

  14. Chef Aid: Chef is being sued by Capitalist Records for trying to obtain the rights to a song he wrote twenty years ago, so, to help him raise two million to hire Johnny Cochran, the boys stage a huge benefit concert.

  15. Spookyfish: Stan is given a pet fish that really freaks him out, especially when the dead bodies start piling up. Meanwhile the boys discover that there are two Cartmans and a gateway to a parallel universe at the Indian Burial Ground Pet Store.

  16. Merry Christmas Charlie Manson: Kyle, Stan and Kenny accompany Cartman and his family to a Christmas celebration, only to have one of the Cartman's relatives break out of jail for the reunion, with his cellmate, Charles Manson.

  17. Gnomes: Harbucks coffee plans on moving into South Park and driving Tweek coffee shop out of business, so Tweek's father schemes to use the boys' report on the underpants gnomes as a platform for fighting the conglomerate.

  18. Prehistoric Ice Man: The boys find a man frozen in the ice and Dr. Mephisto discovers that the iceman has been frozen since 1996 and puts him on display, little knowing that the government has plans for him.



Winner of the Academy Award® for Best Foreign Language Film and the Cannes Grand Jury Prize, BURNT BY THE SUN is the thought- provoking, unforgettable story of a Soviet hero whose happy family is suddenly targeted by Stalin's secret police. It debuts on DVD for the first time July 15 from Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment.

Hailed by critics as "sexy and involving" (The New Yorker) and "there's no more heartbreakingly beautiful movie this year" (New York Post), BURNT BY THE SUN features actor/director Nikita Mikhalkov as Colonel Serguei Kotov, a hero of the Revolution who is spending the summer in the country with his young daughter Nadia (Mikhalkov's real-life daughter), his wife and her eccentric family. But when his wife's childhood love from Moscow suddenly appears, the idyllic summer day takes a surprising turn. A lyrical film filled with beauty and warmth, BURNT BY THE SUN is also an indelible account of a man dedicated to family and fatherland, cruelly destroyed by political paranoia.




Starring Academy Award Winner Frances McDormand, Christian Bale, Kate Beckinsale, Natascha McElhone, Alessandro Nivola

Academy Award winner Frances McDormand (1997 Best Actress - Fargo, Almost Famous, Mississippi Burning) heads up a stellar ensemble cast in LAUREL CANYON, an absorbing tale of family, sex, love and rock n' roll. LAUREL CANYON debuts on DVD and videocassette July 15th from Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment.

LAUREL CANYON is Lisa Cholodenko's much anticipated follow up to her acclaimed 1998 debut High Art and tells the tale of a conservative young Harvard graduate, his academic fiancée and their mind-altering stay with Jane, his wild record-producer mom. The cast also includes spectacular performances from Christian Bale (American Psycho, Captain Corelli's Mandolin), Kate Beckinsale (Pearl Harbor), Natascha McElhone (Solaris, The Truman Show) and Alessandro Nivola (Face/Off).

The entanglement begins when the very uptight Sam (Bale) and Alex (Beckinsale) arrive to stay at Jane's house in Laurel Canyon, assuming they were to be alone. Instead, Alex is introduced to Jane (McDormand). Now in her early 40's, Jane is still going strong, mixing tracks with a hot young British band whose lead singer Ian (Nivola) is also sharing her bed. As days go by, Alex finds herself attracted to the bohemian work and lifestyle of Sam's mother. Meanwhile, Sam, who longs for the stability his mother could never provide, finds himself tempted to have a fling with a fellow medical resident (McElhone).

Richard Roeper (Ebert and Roeper) calls LAUREL CANYON "A very sexy movie! Frances McDormand isn't just good, she's fantastic!" McDormand's dynamic performance has been acclaimed by numerous critics - "McDormand's sexy, tough performance, creates a terrific gravitational pull" (Manohla Dargis, Los Angeles Times).

LAUREL CANYON was an official selection at the Cannes Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival and the Sundance Film Festival. LAUREL CANYON is a Sony Pictures Classics production in association with Good Machine International - an Antidote Films production.




Comedian Steve Harvey's career is hotter today than it's ever been and on June 24, 2003, Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment will show us why, with the release of The Bestof THE STEVE HARVEY SHOW. Running from August of 1996 to February of 2002, THE STEVE HARVEY SHOW featured Harvey as a down-on-his-luck musician, conned into becoming a teacher at a tough urban high school, by co-star Cedric The Entertainer (Barbershop). The continuing cast of characters for the show included Wendy Raquel Robinson (Miss Congeniality) as Regina, Merlin Santana (TV's The Cosby Show) as Romeo, William Lee Scott (Pearl Harbor) as Bullethead, Terri J. Vaughn as Lovita and Tracy Vilar (K-PAX) as Sophia. Packed with hysterical hijinks, THE BEST OF THE STEVE HARVEY SHOW showcases the five highest rated episodes from this award-winning hit series, showing why Harvey and Cedric are two of today's hottest comedians. Order date is May 22, 2003.

Raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Grammy and Emmy Award-nominated Steve Harvey is easily one of the busiest comedians working in Hollywood today, despite ending his seven year run as host of It's Showtime At The Apollo and his six year run of THE STEVE HARVEY SHOW. The winner of four NAACP Image Awards for Outstanding Actor in a Comedy Series, Harvey has done everything from hosting the B.E.T.'s Celebration of Gospel and welcoming Little Richard into the NAACP Image Awards Hall of Fame, to making appearances on Burger King commercials and hosting the #1 morning drive radio show in Los Angeles. In 2003, he will make appearances in three different feature films--The Fighting Temptations, If You Were My Girl and Holy Wars‹as well as making guest appearances on such television hits as The Parkers, My Wife And Kids and Cedric The Entertainer.


That's My Mama ­ When Steve's visiting mother ("The Jeffersons" Isabel Sanford) frowns upon his single status, Steve tricks her into believing he and Regina are romantically linked. Meanwhile, Romeo tries to date two girls at once, working overtime to ensure their paths don't cross when both show up at the same restaurant.

Welcome To Bernie's ­ Head over heels for her former mentor, Regina urges Steve, Cedric and Lovita to attend a faculty self-help seminar ­ but they all soon learn that this role-playing hurts more than it helps.

Educating Piggy ­ When Steve, Cedric and Regina are forced to attend a mandatory computer course, they're surprised to find the class taught by fellow taskmaster Lovita. Meanwhile, Lydia gets Romeo to run for class president to beat her rival but after convincing Romeo to dump his friends to improve his chances, Lydia declares her own candidacy.

Little Stevie Blunder ­ After visiting the optometrist, Steve pretends to be blind to impress a beautiful stranger, who turns out to be Regina's close friend. Meanwhile, Bullhead schemes to enter the Miss Booker T. beauty pageant to win a new computer. And a suspicious Lovita will stop at nothing to discover what's locked inside Cedric's secret box.

My Whole Left Side ­ Steve's plans are put on hold when Cedric's domineering Grandma Puddin' (Cedric in drag) arrives for an untimely visit, tormenting Lovita. Meanwhile, Coretta intimidates her classmates into donning her outrageous fashions after Steve suggests she has designer potential ­ and Regina ends up wearing Coretta's creations for an Essence photo shoot.



THE TELETUBBIES continue to spread their message of happiness and joy in LOOK! Simple Shapes and Playful Patterns, an all-new, exclusive-to-video release from Warner Home Video and PBS KIDS Home Video. LOOK! will debut on DVD and VHS on May 20, as will the DVD of the perennially popular GO! EXERCISE WITH THE TELETUBBIES. Both titles will be available on DVD at a $19.98 SRP and on VHS at a $12.94 SRP.

LOOK! is the first home video title to feature the funny and simple new format of the 10-minute, "treat-sized" Teletubbies Everywhere segments in which THE TELETUBBIES explore shapes, numbers and colors within a wonderful and colorful new environment. These episodes also include live action inserts that showcase real life children from all over the world. THE TELETUBBIES Everywhere section in LOOK! provides insight into the lives of children from Namibia and France. LOOK! DVD bonus features include Little Bo Peep paying a surprise visit to Teletubbyland in search of her singing flock of sheep, as well as a printed Parents¹ Guide and Activity Sheets.

GO! EXERCISE WITH THE TELETUBBIES invites children to skip with Laa-Laa, dance with Dipsy, march with Tinky Winky and crawl with Po in this fun and funny DVD. Kids can join in activities such as singing/playing "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes," jumping up and down, or standing on one leg. Special features include a wonderful sketch in which the Tubbies are supposed to be asleep, but instead they sneak outside to play with their favorite things, a bonus live-action featurette, and printed Parents¹ Guide and Activity Sheets.

These new Teletubbies releases are timed to coincide with the 3rd Annual "Get Up and Go!" Teletubbies International Day of Exercise on May 21, 2002. This important event

increases the awareness among parents and caregivers of the need for physical activity for preschool-aged children.

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