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April 2004 Headlines 



DVD Contains Commentary by Critic Peter Rainer and a Special Cast and Crew Reunion Featurette

Landmark TV Series, Basis for the Movie, Also Debuts as a Three-Disc Set July 27

Steve Martin (Father of the Bride, Roxanne) and Bernadette Peters (Broadway's Annie Get Your Gun) star in the musical PENNIES FROM HEAVEN, which Warner Home Video (WHV) will debut on DVD July 27. In widescreen and Dolby Digital 5.1, the DVD will sell for $19.97 SRP.

Highlights of the extra content include commentary by film critic Peter Rainer and a special cast and crew reunion featurette with Steve Martin, executive producer Rick McCallum and costume designer Bob Mackie. Also on July 27, WHV will release for the first time on DVD the Dennis Potter (The Singing Detective) BBC mini-series on which the movie was based.

PENNIES FROM HEAVEN was nominated for three Academy Awards® (Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Sound and Best Costume Design) and two Golden Globes® (Best Actor and Actress). Set during The Great Depression of the 1930s, the film stars Martin as a sheet-music salesman who passionately believes in the sunny lyrics of the songs he sells despite the dreary reality of his existence. When he falls in love with another woman (Peters), he uses the cheery tunes to imagine a better life for himself. Herbert Ross (Steel Magnolias, The Turning Point) directed from a script adapted by Potter. Christopher Walken (Deer Hunter, Catch Me If You Can), Jessica Harper (Stardust Memories, My Favorite Year) and John McMartin (All the President's Men, TV's Falcon Crest) co-star.



Everyone's favorite cult classic Dark Shadows DVD Collection 12 returns on May 25, 2004. When Barnabas sees a mysterious photograph with a silhouette of Victoria Winters hanging from the gallows, he decides he must go back to the year 1796 to save her. He attempts to change the course of history, but his efforts are threatened with the appearance of Angelique, the witch. Once again, Barnabas finds himself a victim of the vampire curse.

In 1969, Carolyn Stoddard invites Chris Jennings to move into the caretaker's cottage on the Collinwood estate, unaware that he is harboring a dark and deadly secret. Soon afterwards, a werewolf attacks Carolyn in the woods. Meanwhile, Maggie Evans searches for David Collins in the abandoned west wing of Collinwood and is terrified to discover the ghost of Quentin Collins. Professor Stokes is summoned to exorcise the haunted mansion and the Collins family is forced to abandon the estate.

Dark Shadows DVD Collection 12 includes 40 color episodes on four discs and bonus interviews with actors Jonathan Frid, Denise Nickerson, cameraman Stuart Goodman and former network publicist, Les Schecter.

Set in the small Maine fishing village of Collinsport, the soap opera revolves around the ghostly goings-on at the Collins' family estate, Collinwood. Central character Barnabas Collins, a 175 year-old vampire thirsted for blood -- and love -- and quickly became a pop culture icon. Dark Shadows was the most popular daytime drama during its 1966-71 run on ABC-TV and commanded a devoted audience with reruns for ten years on the Sci-Fi Channel.

Similar to Star Trek, the show's enormous base of devoted followers is fueled by an annual convention, countless Web sites, fan clubs and a vast array of merchandise.

Dark Shadows DVD Collection 12 will be available May 25, 2004 through local retailers.




Featuring New Music Selected by Executive Producer

Keep up with the continuing heartbreaks, good times and teenage transitions as Dawson, Joey, Pacey, Jennifer and Jack, the close-knit group of high school students in the little coastal town of Capeside, build new relationships in the popular drama series that set the standard for the teen/young adult television genre. Featuring all 23 episodes and new music selected by executive producer Paul Stupin, DAWSON’S CREEK: THE COMPLETE THIRD SEASON will debut June 29 on a must-have four-disc DVD set, available at the collectible price of $49.95 SLP from Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment.

Applauded for the wry humor, intelligent storylines and compelling characters, DAWSON’S CREEK became a cultural phenomenon during its six celebrated seasons on The WB Network.

From writer/creator Kevin Williamson (Scream, I Know What You Did Last Summer), DAWSON’S CREEK: THE COMPLETE THIRD SEASON explores an abundance of romantic dilemmas from the breakup of Dawson (James Van Der Beek – The Rules of Attraction) and Joey (Katie Holmes – Abandon) to an unsuccessful passion between Pacey (Joshua Jackson – Ocean’s Eleven) and Jennifer (Michelle Williams – Prozac Nation), and finally a powerfully romantic alliance between Joey and Pacey that causes them to agonize about the effect of their relationship on Dawson. Jack McPhee (Kerr Smith – Final Destination), praised for his role as a young man struggling to come to terms with his homosexuality in the second season, ventures forth just enough to discover he's not quite ready to face the uncharted waters that lie ahead.


Currently airing in syndication on TBS Superstation, DAWSON’S CREEK was consistently one of the top-rated programs on The WB Network and became a critical favorite over the years. The series was also honored with the GLAAD Media Award for "Outstanding Dramatic TV Series," nominated for a TV Guide Award for "Favorite Teen Show" and garnered three wins at the 2001 Teen Choice Awards.





Anchor Bay Entertainment & Davis-Anderson Merchandising Corp Introduces Its Largest DVD Box Set Ever Featuring 22 Original Episodes Plus Hours of All-New Bonus Materials Available June 15, 2004

Fueled by Lucy Lawless' irresistible charm as television's most powerful heroine and set within the adventure-filled mythic backdrop of a land before time, Anchor Bay Entertainment and Davis-Anderson Merchandising Corp will debut the newest collection of legendary XENA adventures with the must-have XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS - SEASON FOUR DVD collection, priced to own at $79.98 SRP. Scheduled for release on June 15, 2004, this ten-disc DVD set features the complete fourth season of 22 original episodes digitally re-mastered with 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound now with closed captioning, plus over nine hours of new interactive bonus materials exclusive to the DVD.

The remarkable ten-disc boxed set of XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS - SEASON FOUR, the largest collection yet from Anchor Bay, contains the exciting "complete and uncut" fourth season from the Emmy Award*-winning series, highlighted by the fan-favorite episodes "Adventures in Sin Trade," "Paradise Found" and "Déjà vu All Over Again." The smash-hit fourth season riveted fans with gripping episodes that unveiled secrets of Xena's tumultuous past, revealed heroic triumphs and tragic failures destined in her future, and in the end, left them stunned beyond words by the events of the electrifying season finale, "The Ides of March."

With hours of exhilarating bonus features, the Season Four DVD release includes the following exclusive supplemental materials:

In a time of ancient gods, ruthless warlords and capricious kings, a land in turmoil cried out for a hero. She was Xena, a mighty Warrior Princess forged in the heat of battle. Together with her sidekick Gabrielle in tow, Xena battles barbarians, overcomes oppressors and defeats demigods to protect the innocent and fight for peace in ancient Greece. Combining the series' trademark humor and dark mythological drama with Lucy Lawless's fiery and sexy persona, XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS completely redefined the role of the female action hero on television.

XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS began as a spin-off of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys*, premiering as a series in 1995. In its first season, the adventures of this formidable female fighter became the most popular new syndicated series on television, with ratings that exceeded even those of Baywatch. Nominated for six Emmy Awards, the series was honored for Outstanding Music Composition in 2000. During its original run of six seasons, Xena aired over 130 episodes, and with its stablemate Hercules, built a fiercely loyal cult following with legions of devoted fans that spawned nearly 1,500 websites, hundreds of individually licensed properties and conventions around the world.





Arnold Schwarzenegger and Brigitte Nielsen, Sean Connery and Christian Slater Bring Medieval Era to Life

On July 6, Warner Home Video will revive Medieval times with DVD debuts of RED SONJA, the sword and sorcery action-adventure starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Brigitte Nielsen and THE NAME OF THE ROSE, the critically acclaimed mystery thriller starring Sean Connery and Christian Slater. RED SONJA will be available for $14.97 SRP and THE NAME OF THE ROSE will be sold for $19.98 SRP. Orders are due June 8.


Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Brigitte Nielsen (Rocky IV, Cobra, Beverly Hills Cop II) RED SONJA is centered on a young woman (Nielsen) who, after her family is murdered, becomes a master of the sword to seek revenge on the evil queen responsible for the tragedy that has befallen her. Directed by Richard Fleischer (20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Soylent Green, and Conan the Destroyer), the film also features Ernie Reyes, Jr., Pat Roach, Paul L. Smith and Sandahl Bergman.

Before becoming California governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger was one of the most successful motion picture stars of all time, with films generating $1.4 billion in total U.S. box-office receipts and selling more than 22 million videos. Among his many movie hits are The Terminator, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, Total Recall, True Lies, Eraser, Batman & Robin and Conan the Barbarian.


Adapted from Umberto Eco's best-selling novel of the same name (over 30 million copies sold worldwide), THE NAME OF THE ROSE is a gothic medieval mystery thriller set in a 14th-century Italian monastery. Starring Sean Connery as Franciscan monk William of Baskerville and Christian Slater as his young novice, they arrive for a conference to find that several monks have been murdered under mysterious circumstances. To solve the crimes, William must rise up against the Church's authority and fight the shadowy conspiracy of monastery monks using only his wit and intelligence. Directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud, the film also stars F. Murray Abraham, Peter Berling, Michael Lonsdale, Leopoldo Trieste, Elya Baskin, Ron Perlman, Valentina Vargas and William Hickey.

In addition to Dolby 5.1 Surround audio, extra content for the THE NAME OF THE ROSE DVD includes:





Groundbreaking Action-Packed TV Series Set During the Vietnam War Starring Terence Knox

Before Band of Brothers, audiences were transported to the frontlines of battle with the gritty and compelling military action series TOUR OF DUTY, the first dramatic TV series about the Vietnam War, starring Terence Knox (TV's "St. Elsewhere"), Stephan Caffrey (Longtime Companion) and Miguel Nunez Jr. (Juwanna Mann). Now debuting on DVD in a five-disc set featuring all 21 original episodes from the first season, TOUR OF DUTY: THE FIRST SEASON will be available June 8 from Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment.

TOUR OF DUTY focuses on a single platoon of young U.S. soldiers through their one-year tour of combat duty in Vietnam in the late 1960s, when the war was escalating to terrifying heights. While their own country is rocked by a massive anti-war movement, these young men find themselves thrown into combat in Southeast Asia, where they face enemy troops, moral issues and their own fears, as they struggle in a hostile environment just to keep themselves and their fellow soldiers alive.

Featuring a talented young ensemble cast, TOUR OF DUTY portrayed a diverse group of infantrymen who represent unique racial, cultural and philosophical backgrounds but must ultimately depend on one another to get through the war alive. Company B's driving force is Sgt. Zeke Anderson (Knox), an amiable and popular sergeant, already on his third tour of duty in Vietnam and determined to keep himself and his men alive. He shares a mutual respect with Capt. Rusty Wallace (Kevin Conroy), the company commander and a patient leader, tolerant of the young soldiers for whom he is responsible. Lt. Myron Goldman (Caffrey) is a newly arrived officer, anxious to assert leadership despite his inexperience. Other soldiers include Pvt. Roger Horn (Maurer), "Doc" Randy Matsuda (Steve Akahoshi), Cpl. Danny Percell (Tony Becker), Pri. Alberto Ruiz (Ramon Franco) and Pvt. Marcus Taylor (Nunez).

Critically acclaimed and powerfully realistic, TOUR OF DUTY ran for three seasons on CBS. The Emmy Award-nominated series also featured numerous guest appearances, including Ving Rhames (Pulp Fiction), Tia Carrere (TV's "Relic Hunter") and David Alan Grier (TV's "In Living Color").




Gina Gershon and Dwight Yoakam Star in this Twisting Tale of Kidnapping, Sexual Deception and Murder

Sultry Gina Gershon (Bound, Face/Off) joins critically acclaimed actor Dwight Yoakam (Slingblade, Panic Room) in 3 WAY, a sinfully tasty, hard-boiled brew of lust, extortion and murder. Based on fabled pulp novelist Gil Brewer's 1963 story, "Wild To Possess," this dark thriller co-stars Dominic Purcell (Mission: Impossible II), Ali Larter (Final Destination, Legally Blonde), Joy Bryant (Antwone Fisher) and Desmond Harrington (Ghost Ship). It will be available June 29, 2004 on DVD and VHS (rental) from Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment.

Lew (Purcell) is a small time loser with a very big secret. He's overheard a sordid little kidnapping plot worth a cool million and is cutting himself in for a piece of the action. But when Lew shares his guilty knowledge with three extremely untrustworthy women - sexy gal pal Rita (Bryant), luscious abductress Isobel (Larter) and sultry, well-heeled Florence (Gershon) - his blackmail scheme spins murderously out of control and the blackmailer suddenly finds himself being blackmailed by an even more devious grifter named Herbert (Yoakam). The problem with secrets? No one can keep 'em. "Many pulp writers worked under pseudonyms, and a few, like Jim Thompson, eventually became famous but most labored in obscurity," said screenwriter Russell Marleau who adapted the 3 WAY script and co-produced the film with Christian Mills. "Brewer is one who deserves rediscovery because he was a superb novelist writing in a genre that too often emphasized quantity over quality."




High-Energy Hip-Hop Dance Instructional Program Inspired by the Box Office Smash Hit Film

Featuring Ultra-Talented Urban Dance Choreographer Dave Scott With Special Appearances from "YOU GOT SERVED" Stars Omari Grandberry and Marques Houston

Ever wish you could have all the stylish dance moves like all your favorite pop music superstars? Well now you can learn the hippest grooves from one of the top choreographers in the industry with the hour-long dance instructional program YOU GOT SERVED: TAKE IT TO THE STREETS. Available on DVD and VHS June 29 from Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment, TAKE IT TO THE STREETS is based on the remarkable and innovative street-dance sequences that propelled the film YOU GOT SERVEDto #1 at the box-office.

A must-have for fans of the hit dance movie, YOU GOT SERVED: TAKE IT TO THE STREETS is an original and exciting behind-the-scenes instructional program that provides the basic steps to learning many of the mind-blowing dance moves from the movie. Hosted by the master choreographer Dave Scott, who served as the supervising choreographer for YOU GOT SERVED: TAKE IT TO THE STREETS also features special guest appearances by teen hip-hop superstars Omari Grandberry and Marques Houston. Led by an energetic urban music soundtrack, Scott breaks down several fresh combinations from the film and lays them out step- by-step - all with a sampling of his amazing style, technique and original choreography.

One of the industry's best-kept secrets and the visionary creative genius behind YOU GOT SERVED, Dave Scott has handled choreography for some of the best and the hottest talents in music and film including Tyrese, Brian McKnight, Ginuwine, IMX, Bow Wow and Olympic gold medalist Tara Lipinski. In addition to his incredible dance talents, Scott has also been skilled at artist development, working with pop superstar Janet Jackson and teen idols B2K.

As lead choreographer on YOU GOT SERVED, Scott choreographed and arranged all of the dance sequences, including development of 15 individual crews, 11 battle scenes and a multitude of dancers. Previously Scott handled choreography for the hit films House Party 4 and Good Burger, along with recently being featured as a celebrity judge on the ultra-hip MTV dance series "The Wade Robson Project." Scott continues to tour the country, teaching his in-person instructional "Master Classes" to students of all ages. In addition, Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment will also release a special DVD two- pack offer featuring YOU GOT SERVEDand the dance instructional release of YOU GOT SERVED: TAKE IT TO THE STREETS, priced at only $39.95 SRP.


  • Featurette: Freestyling with Marques Houston and Omari Grandberry

  • Featurette: B-Boys and Krumping with Shane Sparks

  • Featurette: Ticking, Waving and Freezing

  • Featurette: In The Music

  • Interviews

  • Digitally Mastered Audio & Video

  • Remastered in High Definition

  • Widescreen Presentation

  • Audio: English (Stereo)

  • Subtitles: English, Spanish, Portugeuse

  • Bonus Trailers

  • Scene Selections

  • Not Rated

  • Color / Closed Captioned

  • Running Time: 53 Minutes

  • DVD Catalog # 05678 / UPC: 0-43396-05678-7

  • DVD SLP: $19.95 / VHS SLP: $14.95




Featuring Tough Guys and Femme Fatales including Robert Mitchum, Kirk Douglas, Dick Powell, Robert Ryan and Marilyn Monroe DVDs Include Commentaries by Directors Robert Wise and Martin Scorsese and Actor James Whitmore

Murder is for keeps and happy endings are for saps when Warner Home Video (WHV) introduces THE FILM NOIR CLASSIC COLLECTION on July 27th -- all-new DVD titles including John Huston's THE ASPHALT JUNGLE, MURDER MY SWEET, THE SET UP, OUT OF THE PAST and GUN CRAZY. Titles will be available in both a five-disc set, for $49.92 SRP, or individually for $19.97 SRP. The DVDs feature commentaries from directors Robert Wise and Martin Scorsese and actor James Whitmore as well as other film noir experts Alain Silver, Jim Ursini and Glenn Erickson.

Film Noir: Shadows. Lies. Private Eyes.

The term "Film Noir" was first used by French critic Nino Frank in a 1946 essay in which he singled out MURDER MY SWEET as a quintessential noir film. Francois Truffaut and Jean-Luc Godard later popularized the genre with their "Nouvelle Vague" films of the 1960s.

Eddie Muller, author of three acclaimed books on Film Noir, says, "For many movie-lovers, Noir is all about style: kanted camera angles, dense shadows, a romantic, doom-laden atmosphere, always in shimmering, high-contrast black and white. In truth, that's what most people think of as Noir - rain-slick streets, guys in fedoras, dames in slinky gowns slipping into glistening Packards... Film Noir is the flip side of the all-American success story. It's about people who realize that following the program will never get them what they crave. So they cross the line, commit a crime and reap the consequences."

About The WHV FILM NOIR CLASSIC COLLECTION THE ASPHALT JUNGLE (1950) Nominated for four Academy Awards® and long considered a noir classic, John Huston's heist film about a million-dollar jewelry store burglary stars Sterling Hayden, Louis Calhern, James Whitmore and features an early appearance by Marilyn Monroe in just her seventh film. The DVD bonus material includes an introduction by John Huston, commentary by USC Cinema History professor Drew Casper with James Whitmore and the theatrical trailer.


Starring Dick Powell and Claire Trevor, the film captures perfectly the sharp wit and style of Raymond Chandler's novel Farewell, My Lovely, about a gumshoe Philip Marlowe searching for a missing moll named Velma. Renamed so American filmgoers wouldn't mistake it as a Powell musical; it turned the actor's career around, helping him to shun his choir-boy image. Edward Dmytryk directed.

The DVD extra content includes commentary by film noir expert and Prime Suspects producer Alain Silver and the theatrical trailer.

THE SET-UP (1944)

Robert Wise directs noir icons Robert Ryan and Audrey Totter in the movie, set in boxing's palooka world, about a down-on-his luck fighter who thinks he's one bout away from the big payoff. The DVD bonus material includes commentary by Robert Wise and Martin Scorsese.


Another definitive noir classic (remade in 1984 as "Against All Odds" with Jeff Bridges and Rachel Ward) about a trio to reckon with - a troubled PI (Robert Mitchum), a drop-dead beauty (Jane Greer) and a moneyed mobster (Kirk Douglas). Mitchum plays Jeff Bailey, the private eye hired to find mobster Whit Sterling's (Douglas) mistress Kathie (Greer) who had shot Whit and absconded with $40,000. The film winds up in Acapulco...where the luscious Kathie makes Jeff forget all about Sterling. The DVD extra content includes commentary by film noir expert Jim Ursini.

GUN CRAZY (1949)

Peggy Cummins and John Dall star in this cult favorite, shockingly dark and brutal for its time, directed by Joseph H. Lewis. A searing forerunner to Bonnie and Clyde, the film tells the story of a gun-obsessed twosome who meet at a carnival, run off to get married and then commit a string of daring robberies across the country. The screenplay was adapted by MacKinlay Kantor from his magazine article and was co-written by the blacklisted Dalton Trumbo, credited under the name Millard Kaufman.

The DVD bonus material includes commentary by film noir expert Glenn Erickson.




Perfect Couple Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore Make a Date.... Again!

Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore, one of today's most popular onscreen couples after their successful wooing in The Wedding Singer, will be dating again when the romantic comedy 50 FIRST DATES makes its debut on a Special Edition DVD and VHS June 15.  This sweet and funny film from Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment, produced by Happy Madison Productions and Flower Films, proposes that love means never having to say "who are you again?"  Also starring Rob Schneider (Animal), Dan Aykroyd (Ghostbusters) and Sean Astin (The Lord of the Rings Trilogy), the more than $118 million box office hit comes to DVD just in time to celebrate summer fun.  50 FIRST DATES Special Edition DVD will be available in both widescreen and full screen versions priced at $28.95 SLP; order due date is May 13.

About the Movie -

50 FIRST DATES is the story of marine biologist and confirmed bachelor Henry Roth (Adam Sandler) who finally finds the perfect woman, Lucy Whitmore (Drew Barrymore) and falls head over heels for her. But when he sees her the following day, she hasn't a clue as to who he is.  Lucy suffers from Anterograde Memory Dysfunction (a rare brain disorder that wipes her memory clean every night).  Now, with help of his friend Ula (Rob Schneider), Henry has to face the ultimate challenge; he must concoct new and increasingly clever ways to meet Lucy every day and get her to fall in love with him all over again.

Says Barrymore, "I thought this was the best thing I'd ever heard of.  I just loved the idea of someone trying to make somebody fall in love with you every day.  I think that should always be a goal.  It's a beautiful practice and a beautiful message." Under the direction of Peter Segal (Anger Management, Nutty Professor II), and written by George Wing, 50 FIRST DATES shot for six  weeks in more than a dozen locations on Oahu, Hawaii as well as six weeks in and around scenic locations in Los Angeles.


Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment in conjunction with Hilton Hawaii, Oahu Visitors Bureau and Hawaiian Air are offering one lucky winner plus guest a 5-day/4-night vacation at the Hilton Hawaiian Village on Oahu.  Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach Resort and Spa is the home of the "Super Pool" the largest swimming pool in Waikiki.  The lucky winner and guest will also get a massage at the famous Mandara Spa as well as passes to one of the locations where 50 FIRST DATES was shot, Sea Life Park, with the option to participate in their "Splash U program," one of their dolphin interactive programs.

About the DVD -

Special Edition DVD Features Include:




Next Installment of World Famous Cartoon Features Sheena Easton, Casey Kasem and Mindy Cohn in Original Full-Length Movie

Viewers will have a monster of a good time when Warner Home Video's (WHV) SCOOBY-DOO AND THE LOCH NESS MONSTER, surfaces in stores on June 22, 2004. A new and original full-length feature film, SCOOBY-DOO AND THE LOCH NESS MONSTER marks the first release in the newly branded "Kids Movie Collection" series of full-length original films from Warner Home Video. The 74-minute animated movie will be available on both DVD for $24.98 and VHS for $14.94.

In SCOOBY-DOO AND THE LOCH NESS MONSTER, Scooby-Doo, Shaggy, Daphne, Fred and Velma travel to Scotland to co-host the famous Highland games, where they get more than fun when they discover the Loch Ness Monster. Before the games begin, the gang must unravel the secret behind the fabled monster, who is angry that they're holding the games on her sacred nesting ground. The title will feature the voice talents of, to name a few, Casey Kasem (Shaggy), Mindy Cohn (Velma), Frank Welker (Scooby-Doo and Fred), Grey Delisle (Daphne and Shannon) and Sheena Easton (Professor Fiona Pembrooke). Executive produced by Joseph Barbera and Sander Schwartz, SCOOBY-DOO AND THE LOCH NESS MONSTER is directed by Joe Sichta and Scott Jeralds. Annie Award-winning composer Thomas Chase composed the film's soundtrack.

Special features on the DVD include:

"Scooby-Doo is a very important brand for Warner Home Video. All of our titles built around the franchise - ranging from the live action feature films to the many Scooby-Doo television series and original productions - have been warmly welcomed by consumers," said Christine Martinez, WHV Vice President, Non-theatrical Franchise Marketing. "We anticipate that SCOOBY-DOO AND THE LOCH NESS MONSTER will receive a strong reception by the public on June 22 given the recent success of Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed."

On March 16, WHV released the collectible box set of the first television season of Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?, the original series that would quickly establish itself as one of the most powerful franchises in entertainment. Earlier in the month, WHV released What's New Scooby-Doo? Volume 2: Safari, So Goodi!, the second installation of episodes from the KIDS WB! hit program What's New Scooby-Doo?



In the grand tradition of such immortal masterpieces as Plan 9 From Outer Space and Robot Monster comes a brand-new, schlocky, low-budget monster movie - only this one is intentionally funny. One of the best-reviewed comedies of 2004, THE LOST SKELETON OF CADAVRA is writer/director/star Larry Blamire's inventive satire which recreates those beloved clunkers with meticulous detail and enormous affection.

An immediate cult-classic, THE LOST SKELETON OF CADAVRA, also starring Fay Masterson (Eyes Wide Shut, The Quick and The Dead), Brian Howe (Catch Me If You Can, The Majestic) and Andrew Parks (Donnie Brasco, The Mirror Has Two Faces), will premiere June 22 on DVD and VHS from Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment.         As an added treat, the DVD will include the classic 1937 color cartoon Skeleton Frolic, directed by the legendary Ub Iwerks, which was a highlight of the film's theatrical release. Other bonuses include a behind-the-scenes featurette, the highly-acclaimed retro-style trailer, a riotous blooper reel, two commentary tracks with the cast and filmmakers, a cast-and-crew Q&A taped at the American Cinemathéque, a gallery of authentic-looking "Virtual Skelectables," and a collection of vintage horror-movie trailers.

Performed completely straight-faced, shot on location in fabled Bronson Canyon in glorious black-and-white (and in the new screen miracle "Skeletorama!"), and scored entirely with ancient library music, THE LOST SKELETON OF CADAVRA is a not-to-be-missed, rollicking good time that would make B-movie kings Ed Wood and Sam Katzman proud!


The hilariously convoluted plot begins with heroic but dim-witted scientist Dr. Paul Armstrong, aided by his clueless wife Betty, searching for a recently fallen meteor containing the rare radioactive element atmosphereum.  Also seeking the meteor is evil scientist Dr. Roger Fleming, who's looking for Cadavra Cave, mysterious home to the dreaded Lost Skeleton, whom he hopes to restore to life with atmosphereum.  Then a spaceship crashes in the woods, letting loose a mutant who ravages the countryside.  The stranded alien couple not only must retrieve their mutant, but can only repower their ship with - you guessed it - atmosphereum. After the aliens disguise themselves as earth people with the aid of their "transmutatron," Dr. Fleming steals the gizmo and turns four different forest animals into his beautiful sidekick, "Animala" (aka "Pammy").  With everyone after the atmosphereum, the Armstrongs find they have their hands full as they try to capture the radioactive monster, stop the evil scientist, and vanquish the power-mad Skeleton who wants to rule the world!




Academy Award®-Nominee for Best Actor, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, 2004, Johnny Depp Headlines the Pulse-Pounding Suspense Thriller Based on the Acclaimed Novel by Stephen King

Some windows should never be opened!  Debuting #1 at the box-office during it's first week of release, the psychological thriller SECRET WINDOW is a terrifying journey into one man's personal nightmares, starring the most in-demand male star of the year in another off-beat performance, Academy Award®-nominee Johnny Depp (The Pirates of the Caribbean, Once Upon a Time in Mexico).  Reminiscent of a classic Hitchcock thriller, the box-office hit SECRET WINDOW will debut June 22 on DVD and VHS from Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment.

Based on the best-selling suspense-filled novel "SECRET WINDOW, Secret Garden" by Stephen King and directed by master of suspense David Koepp (Stir of Echoes, writer of Panic Room), SECRET WINDOW also stars John Turturro (Mr. Deeds, Barton Fink), Maria Bello (The Cooler, Auto Focus), Charles Dutton (Gothika, Against the Ropes) and Academy Award®- winner for Best Actor in a Supporting Role in Ordinary People, 1981, Timothy Hutton.


Mort Rainey (Johnny Depp), an eccentric writer just coming off of a troublesome divorce with his ex-wife, Amy (Marla Bello), finds himself stalked at his remote lake house by a psychotic stranger named John Shooter (John Turturro) who claims Mort stole his best story idea, changing just the ending for his version.  As his wife pushes Mort to finalize their divorce and Shooter systematically destroys his life, he struggles to restore order to an increasingly insane situation.  Mort discovers that this story holds a deadly secret that comes to life, a secret that even he can't imagine, that will force his life to spiral out of control, ultimately leading to a shocking twist ending that will leave audiences gasping.




Six-Time Emmy Award Nominated Comedy Series Starring David Spade, George Segal, Wendie Malick and Laura San Giacomo

Fashion, mayhem and non-stop laughs are in focus at the New York offices of Blush Magazine - the central location for one of television's wackiest cast of eccentric characters on JUST SHOOT ME!.  The acclaimed ensemble comedy series features an irreverent cast including Golden Globe nominee David Spade (Tommy Boy, Joe Dirt), Laura San Giacomo (sex, lies & videotape, Pretty Woman), two-time Emmy Award nominee Wendie Malick (The American President) and George Segal (Look Who's Talking).  Available June 8 for the first time ever on DVD from Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment, JUST SHOOT ME!: THE FIRST & SECOND SEASONS features the complete collection of 31 episodes on a collectible four-disc DVD set, priced to own at $39.94 SLP.

Hot-tempered journalist Maya Gallo (San Giacomo) got herself fired from yet another job when she made an anchorwoman cry on the air with some gag copy on the teleprompter. Unable to find a job anywhere else and facing eviction, she is forced to work for her rich father Jack's (Segal) fashion magazine Blush.  The problem is that Jack has not exactly been a devoted and nurturing parent, plus he is now married to one of her former classmates. Personality conflicts quickly ensue with the magazine's colorful staff  - libido-driven ex-model Nina van Horn (Malick), philandering photographer Elliot (Enrico Colantoni), and obnoxious, power-hungry secretary Dennis Finch (Spade).

Created by acclaimed writer/producer Steven Levitan ("The Larry Sanders Show," "Wings") and executive produced by TV veterans Bernie Brillstein and Brad Grey ("NewsRadio"), JUST SHOOT ME! ran for seven top-rated seasons on NBC.  The series was nominated for seven Golden Globe Awards including Best Comedy TV Series, six Emmy Award nominations and garnered an American Comedy Award for Spade's hilarious performance.

JUST SHOOT ME!: THE FIRST & SECOND SEASONS feature several special guest cameo appearances including Jay Leno, Dana Carvey, Carmen Electra, Megan Mullally ("Will and Grace") and Cheri Oteri ("Saturday Night Live").

#1  Back Issues
A writer in need of a job reluctantly agrees to work for her father's women's magazine.

#2  The Devil and Maya Gallo
Maya starts her new job with the best of intentions, only to be distracted by the magazine's lavish benefits.

#3  Lemon Wacky Hello
Maya and the staff are forced to assemble the magazine while under the influence of a powerful hallucinogenic drug.

#4  Nina's Birthday
Maya agrees to throw a party for Nina's birthday; Finch bets that Elliott cannot get a date without relying on his job.

#5  Secretary's Day
Finch refuses to be recognized on Secretary's Day; Nina ponders plastic surgery.

#6  In Your Dreams
A session to get a new photo ID inspires Maya's erotic dreams about Elliott.

#7  Sweet Charity
Maya's tireless efforts for charity are overshadowed by her father's large cash donation.

#8  The Experiment
Maya's experiment has unexpected consequences as Jack sets out to assemble a toy for his baby and Nina relishes her role in a practical joke on Finch.

#9  The Assistant
While Maya finds it hard to fire an incompetent new assistant, Elliott and Finch conspire to embarrass Nina during a radio debate.

#10  Old Boyfriends

Maya and Jack square off over the advanced age of her new boyfriend; Nina's flirtatious behavior has unintended consequences for a handsome window washer.
#11  La Cage
Finch ignores all warnings and gets involved with Elliott's old girlfriend.

#12  King Lear Jet
A request to get her father to stop his favoritism backfires and costs Maya a trip to London.

#13  My Dinner with Woody
Maya's article about Woody Allen catches the eye of an impostor.

#14  Twice Burned
Jack must prove himself worthy in order to get his young daughter admitted to a prestigious private school.

#15  Jesus, It's Christmas
Maya's efforts to do something nice for a janitor backfire.

#16  Elliot the Geek
Elliott vows to use a high school teacher's funeral to prove something to his old classmates.

#17  Sewer
Maya tries proving herself to a successful college roommate; Jack's birthday sets Finch and Nina to fighting over who can find the best present.

#18  Pass the Salt
Finch must convince his dad that he isn't gay.

#19  In the Company of Maya
Maya is sued for sexual harassment; Elliot's new girlfriend stars in an embarrassing television commercial.

#20  The Walk
Maya and her co-workers are puzzled by Jack's sudden bad mood.

#21  College or Collagen
A college student Maya is mentoring decides to become a model; Jack and Finch secretly team up as bridge partners.

#22  Nina in the Cantina
Maya interviews a rock star with whom Nina claims to have had an affair.

#23  Amblush
Maya is forced to defend the magazine during an interview with some feminist college co-eds.

#24  Nina's Bikini
Nina agrees to have an old bikini enshrined in a local restaurant.

#25  The Kiss
Maya pretends to be Elliott's wife in order to help him get a new apartment.

#26  Jack's Old Partner
A bad case of writer's block forces Jack to look up a partner he dumped thirty years ago; Nina seeks Elliott's help with a tax auditor.

#27  Bravefinch
Finch is threatened by Jack's new assistant.

#28  Eve of Destruction
Jack's ex-wife returns to claim a painting she won in their divorce twenty-five years ago.

#29  The Emperor
Maya gets the magazine in trouble with her honest appraisal of a famous fashion designer's new work.

#30  War and Sleaze
Maya is roped into a blind date by Nina, only to discover that it's with a philandering congressman.

#31  Rescue Me
Maya and her colleagues recall the circumstances which led to their being hired by Jack.




Top-Rated '80s Domestic Sitcom Starring Tony Danza, Judith Light, Katherine Helmond, Danny Pintauro and Alyssa Milano

For eight seasons, from 1984-1992, the classic family sitcom WHO’S THE BOSS? captivated TV audiences, who wondered whether Tony and Angela would finally declare their unspoken love for each other and whether the question "Who's The Boss?" would ultimately be answered.  Now see the original episodes that started it all, with the premiere release of the special three-disc DVD set WHO’S THE BOSS?: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON, featuring all 22 episodes from the debut season complete with a bonus featurette documenting some of the cast members' funniest moments, premiering June 8 from Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment.

In WHO’S THE BOSS?, TV veteran Tony Danza ("Taxi," "Family Law") is Tony Micelli, a former blue-collar major-league baseball star who trades in his glove and bat for a vacuum and broom to become a live-in housekeeper.  The series co-starred Emmy Award-winner Judith Light ("One Life to Live"), Emmy Award-nominee Katherine Helmond ("Soap") and launched the career of young Alyssa Milano ("Charmed").

Retiring from the hectic routine of city life in Brooklyn to spend more time with his daughter Samantha (Milano), Tony agrees to work as a domestic in the suburbs of Connecticut for uptight divorcee Angela Bower (Light), a workaholic advertising executive who needs help around the house, especially with her shy son Jonathan (Danny Pintauro) and her man-hungry vixen mother Mona Robinson (Helmond).  Tony soon wins them all over with his laid-back style. Over time, romantic tensions begin to surface between Angela and Tony, but through it all, this unique "family" develops a loving bond for each other.

Through its eight-year run on ABC Television, WHO’S THE BOSS? was honored with three Emmy Award nominations and five Golden Globe nominations, with Katherine Helmond eventually garnering a Golden Globe Award (Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Series, Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for TV, 1989).  WHO’S THE BOSS?: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON also features guest appearances by Betty White, James Coco, Nicole Eggert, and Delta Burke.

An ex-"big-leaguer" takes his daughter, pride and future on the road to start a new life, settling in the suburbs to keep house for a female executive with a son who loves snakes and a mother who loves men.

Briefless Encounter
Tony's scrupulously clean household habits extend to Angela's chambers, but he finds much more than a rubber duck swimming in her bathtub.

Dinner for Two
Tony gets trapped into an intimated dinner with Angela.  By a well-meaning Cupid, but the result is something neither of them expected.

Sorority Sister
Her college reunion brings Angela a surprise visit from her old rival sorority sister Trish, who still helps herself to whatever suits her whim, be it Angela's boyfriend or current housekeeper.

Angela's First Fight
Angela pokes her nose into Tony's urban child-raising philosophies when his daughter's fist fighting wars off on Angela's son, only to lose her son's respect and eventually her composure.

Truth in Dating
Both Angela and Tony take the easy way out by keeping their mistaken identities in order to improve their social lives.

Mona Gets Pinned
Tony and Angela are thrilled that books aren't the only thing that Mona, grandmother turned college student, is bringing home from school, until they discover what class Mona's new beau is in.

Rash Decision
When Tony gets a crack at fame by endorsing a product being pushed by Angela's client, the two learn which has the louder voice – money or conscience.

Samantha's Growing Up
A baffled and unprepared Tony protests the actions of Angela, Mona and Mother Nature as his tomboy daughter, Sam, slips subtly into womanhood.

Sports Buddies
When Angela falls for a sweet-talking attorney, she must contend with the fact that her main competition for attention is "good buddy" and sports enthusiast Tony.

Protecting the President
Tony bolsters Angela's confidence and encourages quick action when a scheming vice president butters up the new chairman of the board with a "smear" campaign.

Paint Your Wagon
Tony's familiarity with his job is breeding contempt among the neighborhood housekeepers and disharmony between him and Angela.

Angela helps Tony deal with his father's memory – and an apartment filled with his father's memorabilia – providing Tony and Samantha with their best Christmas ever.

Guess Who's Coming Forever
When Mona is evicted from her apartment, Tony tries to promote family unity by getting her to move in with Angela … and nearly destroys family relations permanently.

Angela's Ex Part 1
When Angela's long lost adventurer husband returns from the jungle, that old romantic magic makes Angela's divorce plans disappear … - along with Tony's job.

Angela's Ex Part II
The romantic bliss between Angela and her estranged husband seems to be wearing thin and Tony's perfect new job is leaving something to be desired – an unexpected reconciliation could be in the offing.

Eye on Angela
Tony and Angela have a lot of explaining to do when television's "Eye on Hartford" discovers them in a rather compromising position.

Double Date
Twelve-year-old Samantha may never be able to show her face in school again after Tony volunteers to be a chaperon at her first school dance and then gets caught kissing her teacher.

Tony's Father-in-Law
Tony is suspicious of his father-in-law's motives and means when, out of nowhere, he arrives on Angela's doorstep and lavishes Samantha with expensive gifts.

Just Like Tony
Angela is worried that the stories Tony has been telling about his childhood pranks are the cause of Jonathan's strange behavior changes.

Keeping Up with Marci
Tony and Samantha must come to grips with the affluence of their community when Samantha desperately wants to go on a ski trip that Tony can't afford.

First Kiss
Temptation threatens to singe employer / employee relationships when Angela and Tony find themselves alone "celebrating" Angela's birthday.





Have no fear! Wonder Woman, the most beautiful weapon in the fight against tyranny, will make her heroic debut to DVD this summer with WONDER WOMAN: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON from Warner Home Video (WHV).

Viewers can once again take a flight in Wonder Woman’s invisible airplane as she fights crime armed with her dazzling costume, bullet-repelling bracelets and golden lasso of truth when WHV officially releases the three-disc collector’s set featuring all 13 first season episodes of the series starring former Miss USA Lynda Carter on June 29, 2004. Suggested retail price of WONDER WOMAN: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON is $39.98.

In addition to each episode, the set will include the 90-minute movie pilot of the live action series based on Charles Moulton’s classic DC comic book. Other special features will include audio commentary on the pilot by Carter and executive producer Douglas Cramer, as well as the never before seen documentary "Beauty, Brawn and Bulletproof Bracelets: A Wonder Woman Retrospective."

WONDER WOMAN premiered on ABC in December 1976 and remained on the air for three seasons. Carter stars in the series as Wonder Woman, who came from a lost island where a band of Amazon women with special powers fled for sanctuary from male domination. During World War II, Major Steve Trevor (Lyle Waggoner) crash-landed on the island, where he fell in love with Wonder Woman and returned to the United States with her. In America, she was known as Yeoman Diana Prince, who by day served as a secretary at the U.S. War Department. When the perpetrators of crime would rear their ugly heads, she would transform herself into Wonder Woman and conquer them with her powers to bring them to justice.

Regarding the June 29 release date for WONDER WOMAN: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON, Christine Martinez, WHV Vice President Non-theatrical Franchise Marketing said, "WONDER WOMAN is a true cult-classic television series. Its high-camp, energetic story lines and larger than life rendition of the popular comic book to the small screen makes it one of the most memorable shows and a must have on DVD."



Premiere Release of SEALAB 2021: SEASON ONE Plus Second Volume of AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE Available July 20, 2004 on DVD
Both Series Part of Cartoon Network's Highly-Rated Late Night Comedy Block

Catch the dysfunction above and below sea-level when Warner Home Video (WHV) dives in for more hilarious antics with Cartoon Network's top-rated late night animation block Adult Swim. Making its DVD debut on July 20, 2004 is SEALAB 2021: SEASON ONE. That day, the sophomore release of AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE: VOLUME TWO will also hit store shelves. Each title will be released as a two-disc set, priced at $29.98 SRP.

The year - 2021. Sealab sits on the ocean's floor, her crew charged with exploring the possibility of underwater colonization and uncovering the mysteries of the sea. Unfortunately, it's run by a bunch of idiots. Leading the mission is Captain Hank Murphy - mildly paranoid and slightly childish, he has no business running a trillion dollar operation. Together with his motley crew, SEALAB 2021 is truly the funniest group of misfits unfit for public service under the sea. Featuring the voice of TV icon Erik Estrada, the offbeat series is based on the long-forgotten Hanna-Barbera Saturday morning series Sealab 2020. The SEALAB 2021: SEASON ONE DVD release contains all 13 original episodes from the premiere season, plus exciting special features including:

AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE chronicles the adventures of human-sized food products, Meatwad, Frylock and Master Shake, who live together in a rental house in New Jersey. When they are not hanging out in their next-door neighbor Carl's above ground swimming pool, these three are being visited by such creatures as a manic-depressive action figure, a rapping arachnid and annoying visitors from the moon. The AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE: VOLUME TWO DVD will contain 13 episodes, all presented in 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound, along with the following bonus features:

"With its off-beat, cutting-edge and witty humor, Cartoon Network's Adult Swim has become one of the premiere late night television destinations for young adults. The first wave of Adult Swim DVD titles were a proven sales success, so we are certain that loyal fans are anxious for the next DVD releases from these acclaimed shows," said Christine Martinez, WHV Vice President, Non-Theatrical Franchise Marketing.

Adult Swim features animated programming aimed at adults, including edgy original comedies like AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE, SEALAB 2021 and Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law; popular favorites Futurama and Family Guy; and riveting action/adventure series such as Cowboy Bebop, InuYasha and Trigun. The block, which airs Sunday-Thursday from 11 p.m.-2 a.m. (ET, PT), with a replay from 2 a.m.-5 a.m. (ET, PT), has been a hit since its debut in September 2001. Adult Swim regularly ranks as the #1 show on cable among adults 18-24, adults 18-34, men 18-24 and men 18-34 and often beats its broadcast competitors among young adults. On April 18, AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE becomes the first Adult Swim original series to go to strip, joining the lineup Sunday-Wednesday at 12 a.m. (ET, PT).





Original Blockbuster Movie Presented in Spectacular Superbit™ Technology
Featuring Exclusive Audio Commentary with Star Tobey Maguire And A Movie Free Ticket To See The 2004 SPIDER-MAN Sequel

As the theatrical release date draws near for one of the most eagerly anticipated sequels ever, Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment brings "Spidey" fever to a climax with the debut of the smash-hit comic book action extravaganza SPIDER-MAN into the Superbit collection of enhanced DVDs.  Highlighted by an exclusive audio commentary with star Tobey Maguire not available on any other DVD edition plus a free movie ticket coupon in specially marked packages to see SPIDER-MAN 2, the SPIDER-MAN Superbit DVD will premiere on June 1 priced to collect at $26.96 SLP.

Hailed as "sensational" by the Wall Street Journal, the Superbit Collection of titles has become the new benchmark in DVD home entertainment for pure performance and high resolution.  By reallocating space on the disc normally used for value-added content and multiple audio streams, Superbit DVDs can be encoded at approximately double their normal bit rate while offering full compatibility with the DVD Video format.   The result is picture quality that provides outstanding detail, which complements the performance of the latest progressive DVD video players.

Based on the legendary Marvel comic book character created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, SPIDER-MAN is the story of Peter Parker, a shy, intelligent teenager who is accidentally bitten by a genetically engineered spider.  Suddenly, he is empowered with the speed, strength and agility of a spider, transforming him into an extraordinary hero.  Directed by Sam Raimi (Darkman, The Simple Plan), SPIDER-MAN stars Tobey Maguire (Seabiscuit, The Cider House Rules), Kirsten Dunst (Bring It On, Mona Lisa Smile), Academy Award®-nominee Willem Dafoe and Golden Globe-winner James Franco (TV's "James Dean").




Emmy Award-Winning Cartoon Network Series Chops Its Way onto DVD For the First Time Ever

If you think Tom Cruise is really The Last Samurai, then you don't know Jack! On May 4, Warner Home Video (WHV) wields a powerful sword with the debut of the two-disc collector's set SAMURAI JACK: SEASON ONE, from the critically acclaimed Cartoon Network animated series. Featuring all 13 original episodes from the debut season available for the first time ever on DVD, SAMURAI JACK: SEASON ONE will be priced to own at $29.98 SRP.

Long Ago in a Distant Land...

From Genndy Tartakovsky, the acclaimed creator of Cartoon Network's animated "mocro-series" Star Wars: Clone Wars, comes the tale of a young samurai cast far into a high-tech future by the evil shape-shifting wizard Aku. Jack's only goal is to find a time portal so that he may return home to liberate his people from the terrible sorcerer and his demon forces that rule the world. Join Samurai Jack on the solitary warrior's quest to return to the past and undo the destruction that Aku has wrought upon the land.  A man of few words, Jack relies on his training as a warrior, combining intellect, restraint and physical strength, to help him along the way. Known for the series' innovative artwork, riveting musical score and intricate, action-packed plots, the many journeys of Samurai Jack are a must for any fan's collection.

Currently airing in its fourth season on Cartoon Network, SAMURAI JACK has been honored with an Emmy Award for Outstanding Achievement in Animation and has won five Annie Awards including Outstanding Character Design in an Animated Television Program. SAMURAI JACK features the voices of Phil La Marr (Mad TV) and Mako (Pearl Harbor), and Season One includes special guest appearances by Mark Hamill (Star Wars) and Tim Curry (The Rocky Horror Picture Show).

"SAMURAI JACK is truly a Cartoon Network original," said Christine Martinez, WHV Vice President, Non-theatrical Franchise Marketing. "With its visionary images, distinctive storytelling that pays homage to various cultures, hyper-kinetic action and an instant cult following stemming from the huge popularity of Dexter's Laboratory, SAMURAI JACK is a remarkable sword-swinging adventure cartoon that appeals to audiences of all ages." 

"Choosing to release SAMURAI JACK: SEASON ONE as Cartoon Network's first Collector Series DVD was a natural decision for us, as this series set a new standard for television animation when it was introduced.  With this release, the legend will continue to grow," said John Friend, senior vice president, Cartoon Network enterprises.  "Working closely with SAMURAI JACK creator Genndy Tartakovsky, we have created a collection that matches the artistry of the series and will satisfy the most sophisticated audience."





Final Action-Packed Installment from the Emmy Award®-Winning CG-Animated Series Based on the Popular Feature Film

Prepare yourself for the ultimate arachnid invasion!  In anticipation of the release of Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation, the action-packed sequel to the original cult-classic sci-fi epic from director Paul Verhoeven, fans of the intergalactic battle between humans and bugs will be excited to dive back into the trenches with another thrilling installment of the critically-acclaimed Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles animated adventures.  Premiering on DVD June 1 from Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment, ROUGHNECKS: STARSHIP TROOPERS CHRONICLES TRACKERS will feature an episode from the Emmy Award-winning series plus four bonus episodes, together at the incredible low price of $14.95 SLP.

Based on the book that inspired the hit movie, Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles combines non-stop combat action with mind-blowing, innovative computer-generated visuals for an unforgettable, cutting-edge sci-fi experience.  Battling seemingly invincible forces primed to take over the universe, Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles is a state-of-the-art CG- animated series that features ultra-cool elements of action, fantasy, high-tech gadgetry, teamwork, humor and of course lots of killer bugs!

After escaping a showdown on Klendathu, the Bug Queen is heading to Earth and it's up to the Roughnecks to sneak aboard her transport ship and destroy it from the inside out.  The mission appears successful until the Roughnecks land on Earth and Carl realizes the Bug Queen has survived to hatch her diabolical plot.


Pluto and Beyond
Newsman Higgins gives a special combat report three weeks into the war. His account exposes the brutal reality of the trenches - in stark contrast to the bright optimism of the official reports.

Propaganda Machine
Higgins is ordered to prepare an uplifting news report to air back home, painting a rosy picture of what is, in fact, an increasingly deteriorating situation.

Rico is left stranded in the depths of space after an air invasion jump goes awry.  As his suit's air supply dwindles, he drifts in and out of consciousness, recalling his relationships with Dizzy and Carmen.  Meanwhile, going against orders, Carmen is in a desperate race against the clock to get a rescue ship out to find him.

Court-Martial of Lt. Razak
During the battle for the Bug's home world, Lt. Razak stubbornly orders an airstrike that brings down friendly-fire on his old flame, General Redwing, and her troops. With the loss of these critical reinforcements, the base is vulnerable, and the Bugs gather for a final devastating massacre.  At Razak's trial it becomes clear that there is a traitor among the humans and as the Bugs move in, Razak, cannot, or will not, defend himself against the charges.




Academy Award®-Winner William Holden and Golden Globe-Winner Glenn Ford Star in the Gritty Western Drama from Prolific Director Henry Levin

One of the first films to develop the "psychological Western" genre due to its dark and brooding central characters and themes, THE MAN FROM COLORADO (1948) from acclaimed filmmaker Henry Levin (The Desperado's, Murderer's Row) starred Academy Award®-winner William Holden (Stalag 17, Sunset Blvd) and Golden Globe-winner Glenn Ford (Pocketful of Miracles, Blackboard Jungle), will now debut on DVD June 8 from Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment.

A Union colonel experiences the bloodshed of the U.S. Civil War and is forever a changed man, for the worse.  Owen Devereaux (Ford) bears deep-rooted mental scars from the War between the States and develops an eager trigger finger.  In battle, he orders the slaughter of a band of holed-up Confederates -- after he has seen them raise a white flag.  Later, he lands a Federal judgeship post in Colorado and tries to settle down.  But to no avail, for he abuses his gavel in the same, unhinged manner as he did his pistol.  Eventually, his friend, Captain Del Stewart (Holden), realizes how crazed Devereaux's behavior has become. When he withholds a cache of gold from its rightful owners, Devereaux gives Stewart no choice but to put a stop to his court of terror in a final deadly showdown between the two friends.

With unrelenting performances and powerful social issues that are still relevant today, THE MAN FROM COLORADO is truly a tense and compelling drama about faltering friendships and the physical anguish and emotional traumas brought on by war.




Shocking Contemporary True-Life Murder Mystery Starring Dean Cain in a Riveting Dramatic Role

Ripped from today's controversial and disturbing headlines that gripped the nation, THE PERFECT HUSBAND: THE LACI PETERSON STORY is the notorious true-crime drama about one of the most shocking and highly-publicized murder cases ever, starring Dean Cain (Out of Time, The Broken Hearts Club) in a powerful performance as accused killer Scott Peterson, debuting June 8 on DVD and VHS (rental).

By all appearances, Scott and Laci Peterson were the perfect couple - that is, until Christmas Eve 2002, when an eight-months pregnant Laci suddenly went missing.  Friends and family joined Scott in a desperate search that soon grabbed the attention of the entire country. Told from the point of view of two of Laci's friends, THE PERFECT HUSBAND is a true American tragedy that tells the story of the hunt for Laci and the subsequent series of shocking revelations in the case, up to the arrest of Scott in April 2003.

An original USA Network premiere film, THE PERFECT HUSBAND was one of the network's most-watched movies ever with over 5.1 million viewers.  The film co-stars three time Emmy Award-winner Sarah Joy Brown (TVs "General Hospital"), David Denman (Big Fish), Dee Wallace Stone (E.T., A Month of Sundays), Tom O'Brien (TVs "Smallville," The Astronaut's Wife) and Tracy Lynn Middendorf (TVs "24").




From Academy Award®-Nominated Biopic Starring Superstar Will Smith Presented in All-New Extended Edition with Additional Footage and Never-Before-Seen Special Features

Put the gloves on, step between the ropes and bring the champ home again in the all-new special extended version of the Academy Award®- nominated drama ALI starring box office heavyweight Will Smith (Men in Black, Bad Boys II). Featuring never-before-seen footage added directly by Academy Award®-nominated filmmaker Michael Mann (Heat, The Insider) plus brand new audio commentary by director Mann, and an exclusive making-of featurettes, the ALI: DIRECTOR’S CUT two-disc DVD set will premiere June 1 from Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment, priced at $24.95 SLP.

Arguably the most fascinating and legendary personality in sports history, Will Smith delivers the knock-out performance of his career as boxing legendary Muhammad Ali, which earned him his first-ever Oscar® and Golden Globe nominations for Best Actor.  This critically- acclaimed and visually stunning epic co-stars Jamie Foxx (Any Given Sunday, Booty Call), Mario Van Peebles (New Jack City, Posse), Ron Silver (Reversal of Fortune), Jeffrey Wright (Angels in America) and Jada Pinkett-Smith (The Matrix Reloaded, Set It Off).

Muhammad Ali thrilled the world with his ground-breaking boxing victories in the '60s and '70s.  But the man behind the legend is grappling with a tumultuous romantic life, his deeply held religious beliefs and the pressure of staying on top.  A quick-witted, winning personality and strong friendships with close associates, including renowned newscaster Howard Cosell (Golden Globe nominee Jon Voight -  Holes, Pearl Harbor), help Ali "float like a butterfly and sting like a bee."  But faced with a life-changing conflict outside of the ring, the famously opinionated boxer is forced to rely on the one person he knows the best: himself.





Critically-Acclaimed Best Picture Nominated Thriller Stars Oscar® Winners

The Six Academy Award® Nominations Also Include:

Three-Disc Deluxe Edition Featuring Special Features and the Soundtrack Or Available in Single Disc Format

Take a chilling journey to New England's Mystic River, debuting June 8 on DVD and VHS from Warner Home Video (WHV), and discover how one moment can alter a person's life forever. From director/producer/composer Clint Eastwood (Unforgiven, The Bridges of Madison County), the moving thriller stars Sean Penn (Dead Man Walking), Tim Robbins (The Shawshank Redemption), Marcia Gay Harden (Pollock), with Kevin Bacon (A Few Good Men), Laurence Fishburne (The Matrix Trilogy) and Laura Linney (Love Actually).

Recognized as Best Film of the Year by the National Board of Review, MYSTIC RIVER is the proud recipient of two Academy Awards® and two Golden Globes(tm) wins this year including Best Actor (Sean Penn) and Best Supporting Actor (Tim Robbins).

The film was also nominated for an Academy Award® for Best Picture, three Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards(tm) and the Writer's Guild of America Adapted Screenplay. Sean Penn also received this year's Best Actor from the National Board of Review and Tim Robbins took home the SAG Awards(tm) for Best Supporting Actor. Clint Eastwood was also nominated for outstanding directorial achievement by the Director's Guild of America.

MYSTIC RIVER will be released on a deluxe edition three-disc set featuring the film, a separate special features disc and the original motion picture soundtrack, with music composed by Clint Eastwood, and is available for $39.98 SRP. The single disc version, featuring the film only, is available in both full frame and widescreen formats for sell-through pricing at $27.95 SRP.

Based on the award-winning Dennis Lehane book of the same title, critics around the country have praised MYSTIC RIVER calling it "a riveting story" (Paul Clinton, CNN), "[an] utterly absorbing film" (Mary F. Pols, Contra Costa Times), "crisply well-crafted and beautifully acted (Michael Wilmington, Chicago Tribune) and "a movie experience that carries a lingering, powerful aftershock" (William Arnold, Seattle Post-Intelligencer).


When they were kids growing up together in a rough section of Boston, Jimmy Markum (Sean Penn), Dave Boyle (Tim Robbins) and Sean Devine (Kevin Bacon) spent their days playing street hockey, the way most boys did in their blue-collar neighborhood of East Buckingham, where nothing much ever happened...until Dave was forced to take the ride that would change all of their lives forever.

Twenty-five years later, the three find themselves thrust back together by another life-altering event - the murder of Jimmy's 19-year-old daughter. Now a cop, Sean is assigned to the case and he and his partner (Laurence Fishburne) are charged with unraveling the seemingly senseless crime. They must also stay one step ahead of Jimmy, a man driven by an all-consuming rage to find his daughter's killer. Connected to the crime by a series of circumstances, Dave is forced to confront the demons of his own past that threaten to destroy his marriage and any hope he may have for a future. As the investigation tightens around these three friends, an ominous story unfolds that revolves around friendship, family and innocence lost too soon.


The deluxe edition DVD set will include the following bonus features:

Disc One

Disc Two

Disc Three

The original motion picture soundtrack from MYSTIC RIVER includes hauntingly beautiful music from composer Clint Eastwood, featuring the Boston Symphony Orchestra and the Tanglewood Festival Chorus.



Acclaimed film, directed by Patty Jenkins, and also starring Christina Ricci and Bruce Dern, Also available as part of a 2-pack with MONSTER as well as a stand-alone release will be director Nick Bloomfield's acclaimed documentary, "AILEEN: LIFE AND DEATH OF A SERIAL KILLER"

Academy Award® and Golden Globe Winner for Best Actress Charlize Theron stars in MONSTER, a shocking, powerful and moving film based on the true story of the first female serial killer, Aileen Wuornos. Directed by Patty Jenkins, the film also stars Christina Ricci (HBO's "The Laramie Project, Sleepy Hollow, Prozac Nation) and Academy Award® Nominee Bruce Dern (The Glass House, All the Pretty Horses). MONSTER will debut on DVD and videocassette on June 1 from Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment.

Director Patty Jenkins (Independent Spirit Award Winner for Best First Feature) burrows deep beneath the tabloid headlines of a man-hating serial killer, to unearth a love story blossoming among the horrors and pathologies of two misfits - Wuornos (Charlize Theron), a drifter prostitute who kills her "johns" and Selby Wall (Christina Ricci), a girl who's sent by her parents to live with an aunt to "cure" her homosexuality.  After their chance encounter, their love flourishes, while their financial situation becomes desperate.  Wuornos continues her prostitution to keep the relationship alive, which fuels a deadly rage, a rage unleashed in a string of lurid killings and turns her into a MONSTER.

Also available from Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment is the documentary AILEEN: LIFE AND DEATH OF A SERIAL KILLER from acclaimed director Nick Broomfield (Biggie and Tupac, Kurt and Courtney).  This searing, in-depth, up close and personal documentary is the second film from Broomfield on the life and final days on Aileen Wuornos, America's first female serial killer.  Included on the DVD is the filmmaker's testimony at Wuronos' trial. MONSTER was written and directed by Patty Jenkins and produced by Charlize Theron, Mark Damon, Clark Peterson, Donald Kushner and Brad Wyman and executive produced by Sammy Lee, Meagan Riley-Grant, Stewart Hall, Andreas Grosch and Anders Schmid.

MONSTER will be available as a single disc DVD in its original theatrical version and as a DVD 2-pack including the feature film and the documentary AILEEN: LIFE AND DEATH OF A SERIAL KILLER.  The documentary will also be available as a singe disc DVD.  The theatrical version DVD will include Widescreen Presentation and a Featurette.




Also available as part of a 2-pack with the theatrical film MONSTER, starring Academy Award® Winner for Best Actress Charlize Theron

From director Nick Broomfield (Kurt and Courtney, Biggie and Tupac, The Selling of a Serial Killer) and DEJ Productions comes the acclaimed documentary AILEEN: LIFE AND DEATH OF A SERIAL KILLER.  This searing, in-depth, up close and personal documentary is the second film from Broomfield on Aileen Wournos and will debut on DVD and videocassette on June 1 from Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment.

Broomfield's documentary is a chilling look inside the mind of a serial killer.   As we see a girl trading sex for cigarettes as early as nine, America's first female serial killer becomes less of a monster and more of a tale of humanity's failures.  Broomfield looks deep into Aileen's history of abandonment, sex and violence to look at how a life gone wrong can create a serial killer.    Broomfield's picture is developed through years of correspondence and involvement with Aileen.  He lets us see a girl hitchhiking for sex, abandoned by her parents and ultimately a human lost to paranoia, a victim of her own mind who kills seven men. This gripping documentary culminates in Broomfeld's own court testimony solicited by the district attorney during her final appeal.

AILEEN: LIFE AND DEATH OF A SERIAL KILLER will be available as a single disc DVD in as a DVD 2-pack including the feature film MONSTER in its original theatrical version with the Academy Award® Winning performance for Best Actress by Charlize Theron.



All-New Three-Disc Collector's DVD Release of the Comic Book Superhero Action Blockbuster Starring Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst and Willem Dafoe

Includes Free Movie Ticket to 2004 Sequel!

Gearing up for the highly anticipated theatrical sequel this summer, Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment spins an exciting new web with the must-have SPIDER-MAN™ DELUXE EDITION three-disc DVD set packed with never-before- seen materials supervised by director Sam Raimi.  The special bonus disc includes exclusive sneak peek clips from SPIDER-MAN™ 2 and sample levels of the new SPIDER-MAN™ 2 Activision® videogame.  Premiering June 1 at the collectible low price of $24.95 SLP, specially marked SPIDER-MAN™ DELUXE EDITION DVDs will also include a free movie ticket to see SPIDER-MAN™ 2 at participating theaters.

One of the top-grossing films of all time, SPIDER-MAN was a worldwide movie phenomenon taking in more than $403 million at the domestic box-office. Starring Tobey Maguire (Seabiscuit), Kirsten Dunst (Mona Lisa Smile), Academy Award nominee Willem Dafoe (The Shadow of the Vampire) and James Franco (TV's "James Dean") and directed by Sam Raimi (Evil Dead, Darkman), SPIDER-MAN was also honored with two Academy Award® nominations including Best Visual Effects.

Based on the popular Marvel comic book adventures, SPIDER-MAN is the legendary story of average teenager Peter Parker who is transformed into an extraordinary superhero after being accidentally bitten by a radioactive spider. When his beloved uncle is savagely murdered during a robbery, young Peter vows to use his powers to avenge his uncle's death. Deeming himself "Spider-Man," he sets out to rid crime, bringing him face to face with malevolent super-villain "Green Goblin."


Disc One

Disc Two

Bonus Disc




Three All-New Compilations Each Featuring Three Adventures from the Popular Sony Pictures Television Series SPIDER-MAN  "THE MUTANT MENACE," "HIGH VOLTAGE VILLAINS" and "THE ULTIMATE FACE-OFF"

Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment spins an exciting web with the brand-new "best of" volumes from Sony Pictures Television's cutting- edge CGI animated series SPIDER-MAN which aired on MTV.  Debuting June 1 along with the SPIDER-MAN DELUXE EDITION and SPIDER-MAN Superbit DVD releases from Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment, SPIDER-MAN will be available in three individually packaged single-disc releases - THE MUTANT MENACE, HIGH VOLTAGE VILLAINS and THE ULTIMATE FACE- OFF  - each featuring three action-packed episodes, priced to collect at $14.95 SLP each. 

These titles will also be available on video at $14.94 SLP each. The legendary Marvel - comic book story of one of the coolest superheroes ever to climb into a pair of tights gets a fresh and groundbreaking new look with incredible CG- animation and advanced cinematic effects in SPIDER-MAN.  Featuring the voices of Neil Patrick Harris (Starship Troopers, TVs "Doogie Howser, M.D."), Ian Ziering (TVs "Beverly Hills 90210") and singer-songwriter Lisa Loeb, the series was highlighted by special guest stars including rocker Rob Zombie, rapper Eve, Kathy Griffin (TVs "Suddenly Susan"), Gina Gershon (Showgirls), John C. McGinley (TVs "Scrubs") and Keith Carradine (Kill Bill Vol. 1).

When a nasty bite by a genetically altered spider endows teenager Peter Parker with miraculous, arachnid-like powers, his death-defying heroism wins him admiration from those in need.  But being a superhero has its drawbacks - especially when you're a freshmen in college! Struggling to lead a normal life even as he juggles academics, work, love and various forces of super-villains and relentless criminals, Peter meets the challenge by exercising his superheroic powers for the good of all to save mankind from evil.

Episodes featured on THE MUTANT MENACE include:

Tight Squeeze
Three ex-KGB agents take a group of people hostage, including Peter and his new crush Indy.  Their simple demand is they want Spider-Man!  Peter will need to use his cunning and cleverness to figure out a way to appease the agents without revealing his alter ego.

Law of the Jungle
Peter's professor, Doc Connors, injects himself with reptilian DNA, which slowly changes him into the angry, vengeful lizard.  As the serum affects Doc Connors' brain, Spider-Man must stop his beloved professor as he begins seeking revenge on those who have harmed him - including Harry!

Sword of Shikata
The master martial artist/swordswoman Shikata, is sent to capture Spider-Man for a wealthy man's collection of rare animals.  Shikata determines that Spider-Man is too noble a foe to simply capture and they must fight to the death!

Episodes featured on HIGH VOLTAGE VILLAINS include:

The Party
Peter Parker's nerdy high-school friend Max is hazed in a deadly fraternity prank that turns him into Electro, a high-voltage villain that threatens the campus.  Only Spider-Man can stop him from exacting his revenge on the students.

When Sparks Fly
Electro returns.  This time he wants to zap Sally and make her just like him so the two of them can be together.  Can Spider-Man arrive in time or will Sally be changed forever?

Keeping Secrets
Spider-Man is out to catch Talon, a female thief who's behind a series of high-risk robberies in the city. Things get complicated when Spidey learns Talon's true identity--she's his best friend Harry's new girlfriend!

Episodes featured on THE ULTIMATE FACE-OFF include:

Spider-Man Dis-Sabled
Peter covers a press conference and inadvertently videotapes incriminating evidence against Silver Sable, an Eastern European assassin for hire.  Now she will stop at nothing - including killing Mary Jane and Harry - to get the tape back.

Mind Games Part 1
The Gaines Twins, a brother and sister with uncanny mental powers, escape from an armored transport convoy, but Spider-Man apprehends them by overcoming their brain blasts with his own superhuman will-power.  Later, just as Spider-Man reveals to MJ that he's really Peter Parker, Kraven the Hunter confronts Spider-Man.  As payback for the years he spent in jail, Kraven attacks MJ with one of his poison darts. Spider-Man rushes to her side too late, as her life slowly slips away. Now, Peter is out for revenge!

Mind Games Part 2
Spider-Man realizes that the diabolical Gaines Twins have brain-blasted him into believing MJ has died at the hands of Kraven the Hunter.  He corners the Twins--but things take a turn for the worse when they once again use their mental powers to trick Spider-Man. This time Indy is mortally wounded. Will guilt cause Peter to hang up his Spider-Man suit forever?

DVD Basics:



Nominated for Six Academy Awards®

Timed for release with his newest historical film Troy starring Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom, Academy Award®-nominated director Wolfgang Petersen's (Air Force One, The Perfect Storm) first epic wartime drama DAS BOOT will be presented in it's original uncut version.  Featuring over two more hours of footage than originally released in the U.S., DAS BOOT: THE ORIGINAL UNCUT VERSION is now presented in a special two-disc set with restored original stereo audio and newly created 5.1 audio.  Available June 1 from Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment, DAS BOOT: THE ORIGINAL UNCUT VERSION will be priced at $39.95 SLP.

Director Wolfgang Peterson's original vision for DAS BOOT produced an epic six-hour mini-series event that has only ever been seen in its entirety on German television, with the edited down version released as the acclaimed international motion picture back in 1981.  Never-before- seen in the U.S., now this fully restored edition will be shown complete and uncut the way it was originally intended to be seen. The most expensive and most successful motion picture in the history of German cinema, DAS BOOT is the powerful and realistic tale that follows the daring undersea patrol of U-96, one of the famed German U-boats knows as the "gray wolves."  Prowling the North Atlantic during WWII, they challenged the British Navy at every turn in an attempt to destroy English shipping.

The crew aboard the U-96 is graphically portrayed in a desperate life-and-death struggle, coping with endless hours of claustrophobic boredom at sea, which quickly gives way to terror when confronting the enemy.  Relentlessly under attack, the U-96 is forced to unheard of depths, the creaking hull threatening to collapse and crush the panicked sailors.




Classic Western Drama Written, Directed and Starring Academy Award®-Winner Cliff Robertson and Academy Award Nominee Geraldine Page

A personal human spirit drama written, produced, directed by and starring Academy Award® and Emmy Award-winning actor Cliff Robertson (Charly, Spider-Man), the classic western drama J.W. COOP will make it's DVD debut on June 1 just in time for Father's Day from Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment.

After losing ten years to prison for passing bad checks, cowboy J. W. Coop is released to return to life as a professional rodeo cowboy in the 60's.  The predictable culture of jail, however, was easy for Coop, compared to his having literally to "get back on the horse," and begin anew.  Determined to make up for the lost 'prime' years of his career, he doggedly goes forward, and learns that not only has the business of rodeo changed during his incarceration but society as a whole has made dramatic changes as well.  Riders don't compete in all-around events anymore, but fly all over the country in private planes to compete in the same event in several rodeos a day.  Furthermore, the sexual liberation movement has changed the way women relate to men.  He is nonplused to discover a hippyish woman (Cristina Ferrare) who wants a no-strings relationship with him. As the demons of his past, exemplified by his disturbed mother (Academy Award®-nominee Geraldine Page - Sweet Bird of Youth, The Trip to Bountiful) threaten to hamper his comeback, Coop faces harder choices than ever before. Featuring actual real-life rodeo competition footage, J.W. COOP is a moving story of one man's personal journey to discover whether he's stuck in a society of ever-changing values or if he's simply unable to become a functional participant in it.


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