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As you may be aware The Cinema Laser web site has been one of the proponents for having classic Hammer horror movies released on DVD and Laserdisc. Thanks to the efforts of director William Lustig, Anchor Bay Entertainment, Elite Entertainment and The Roan Group, many Hammer classics have already been released on both disc formats. This is of course great for fans of classic Hammer horror movies. However, Hammer has pretty much existed as a film library and not an active production company for about a quarter century. Well, there is some great news out there for Hammer fans. As per a press released posted on the official web site of Hammer Film Productions Limited (, the company is under new management and will once again begin producing both motion picture and television projects. With longtime Hammer chairman Roy Skeggs stepping down, the new management team, lead by Terry Ilott and Peter Naish, intend to "build Hammer into the leading horror brand in all media, including internet distribution and e-commerce." Please visit the official web site of Hammer Film Productions Limited ( to review the entire press release. As further Hammer developments occur, they will be posted on this site.

With Hammer under new management, I anticipate an even greater interest in their classic horror movies, so would like to draw you attention to some of the Hammer related features of this web site. The biggest feature is the Hammer Films On Disc section that gives one access to a chronological Hammer movie filmography. In the Hammer Films On Disc section there is a video company breakdown with individual pages that details which companies control the video rights to which Hammer movies. The video company breakdown also provides contact information, allowing one to request the release of their favorite Hammer movies on DVD. The Cinema Laser’s Hammer coverage also carries over to the very first Operation: DVD objective. HORROR OF DRACULA, CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN and THE MUMMY are the three films that put Hammer on the map and forever changed the face of horror movies. That is why the first Operation: DVD objective targets these three important horror films, requesting that Warner Home Video offer them on DVD in 16:9 enhanced wide screen. Please take the time to visit, or revisit these Hammer features on The Cinema Laser web site.

Hammer Films On Disc

Operation: DVD objective One 

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