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While DOWN TO EARTH ($15) it isnít the biggest classic in the Columbia Pictures catalog, it is an amusing musical pseudo-sequel to HERE COMES MR. JORDAN that features a gorgeous Rita Hayworth in glorious Technicolor. In DOWN TO EARTH, Rita portrays the mythological muse Terpsichore, who enraged to learn that she and her sisters are to be mocked in a Broadway musical staged by Danny Miller (Larry Parks). With a little heavenly assistance from Mr. Jordan (Roland Culver) and Messenger 7013 (Edward Everett Horton), Terpsichore comes down to earth to teach Danny the error of his musical ways. Adopting the guise of Kitty Pendleton, Terpsichore takes on Max Corkle (James Gleason) as her theatrical agent and lands the lead in the swing era musical about herself. The cast of DOWN TO EARTH also includes Marc Platt, Adele Jergens, George Macready and William Frawley.

Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment has made DOWN TO EARTH available on DVD in a wonderful looking transfer that frames the film in its proper 1.37:1 full screen aspect ratio. This is a very nice transfer that really captures the flavor of a forties era Technicolor presentation. Colors are rich, nicely saturated and usually quite stable. There are occasional inconsistencies, which one sees in a lot of older IB Technicolor film elements, but nothing too disturbing. Film grain is mild, as are the blemishes and other imperfections in the elements. The image is generally sharp and nicely detailed. Blacks appear inky and the whites are solid. Digital compression artifacts are always well contained.

DOWN TO EARTH comes with a perfectly respectable Dolby Digital monaural soundtrack. Most instances of background hiss and surface noise have been cleaned up, leaving an overall smooth quality to the track. Fidelity is as one would suspect for a film surpassing the half century mark- a bit truncated at the top and bottom ends, but really not too bad. The musical numbers sound pleasant enough, if one doesnít push the volume too hard. Dialogue is always understandable and the voices have a pretty good sense of presence. No other language tracks are included, although English and Japanese subtitles are provided. The basic interactive menus allow one access to the standard scene selection and set up features, as well as trailers for GILDA, YOUíLL NEVER GET RICH and YOU WERE NEVER LOVELIER.

If you love Rita Hayworth or Technicolor musicals, youíll want to check out DOWN TO EARTH on DVD. Columbia has done a good job with the disc, so you wonít have any complaints in that area.



Down to Earth (1947)


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