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TEACHER'S PET ($15) is a genuinely delightful romantic comedy that is made even more delightful by the presence of its two stars. Although TEACHER'S PET came late in the career of screen legend Clark Gable, Gable gives a perfectly timed light comic performance that never leaves one thinking that he is beyond the age of his romantic leading man potential. As for leading lady Doris Day, she is at the top of her game; delivering just the kind of sweet, breezy comic performance her fans would expect from her.

The plot of TEACHER'S PET finds wizened newspaper editor James Gannon (Gable) asked to be a guest lecturer for a night school journalism course. Of course, Gannon has nothing but disdain for such courses, believing that the newspaper business can only be learned through the school of had knocks. However, circumstances force Gannonís mandatory attendance at night school, which results in his becoming the star pupil of journalism instructor, Erica Stone (Day), with whom he becomes instantly enamored. TEACHER'S PET also features fine supporting performances from Gig Young, Mamie Van Doren, Nick Adams, Peter Baldwin, Marion Ross, Charles Lane and Jack Albertson.

Paramount Home Entertainment has made TEACHER'S PET available on DVD in a 1.78:1 wide screen presentation that has been enhanced for playback on 16:9 displays. TEACHER'S PET has been given a really fine black and white transfer that produces a crisp and rather well defined image. Blacks are truly deep, whites are clean and the picture produces a nicely varied grayscale. The film elements used for the transfer appear pretty clean for a movie zeroing in on the five-decade mark; displaying minimal blemishes. A grain structure is noticeable much of the time during the presentation, but is never excessive. Digital compression artifacts are always well contained.

The Dolby Digital monaural soundtrack is clean, free from hiss or distortions. Fidelity has the expected limitations, but the musical component holds up well, and remains fairly pleasant at average listening levels. Dialogue is crisp and always understandable. No other language tracks have been included on the DVD, but English subtitles are provided. The basic interactive menus allow one access to the standard scene selection and set up features, although no supplements are included.

As I stated above, TEACHER'S PET is a delightful romantic comedy with "reel" star power. If you are a classic movie buff, a fan of the filmís stars, or just someone who enjoys romantic comedies, then TEACHER'S PET is a movie that will tickle your fancy.



Teacher's Pet (1958)


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