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Airing on Comedy Central, THE SARAH SILVERMAN PROGRAM is the kind of show that throws good taste out the window with the opening credits… No wonder, I like it. Starring Sarah Silverman as a fictionalized version of herself, the series follows Sarah’s exploits, as she brings a child-like immaturity and ignorance to every situation (similar to the material of Silverman’s standup act). Unemployed and totally reliant on her younger sister Laura (Laura Silverman) for financial support, Sarah goes through life without responsibility. And due to her self-absorbed demeanor, Sarah usually ends up getting herself into one outrageous situation after another. Fortunately for Sarah, her sister Laura and her gay friends Brian (Brian Posehn) and Steve (Steve Agee) are there to bail her out when the chaos really gets out of control.

THE SARAH SILVERMAN PROGRAM: SEASON ONE ($20) comes to DVD in a single-disc set that features the following six episodes: Officer Jay, Humanitarian Of The Year, Positively Negative, Not Without My Daughter, Muffin' Man and Batteries. Officer Jay finds Laura with a new boyfriend Jay (Jay Johnston) and Sarah jealous of the relationship. Humanitarian Of The Year has Sarah trying to garner herself some recognition for adopting a homeless man. In Positively Negative, goes on a misguided crusade to raise AIDS awareness. Not Without My Daughter chronicles Sarah’s vicarious attempt to win a childhood beauty pageant. Muffin' Man finds Sarah exploring a new side to her sexuality. Batteries is much ado over changing the channel.

Comedy Central/Paramount Home Entertainment has made all six episodes that comprise THE SARAH SILVERMAN PROGRAM: SEASON ONE available on DVD in the 4:3 full screen aspect ratios of their original television broadcasts. The episodes look good; the image is fairly crisp and offers respectable definition. Colors are nicely saturated and the flesh tones appear accurate. Blacks and whites are just fine. Contrast is smooth, although there is the expected sitcom flatness. The image is free from blemishes or noticeable grain. Digital compression artifacts are well contained.

THE SARAH SILVERMAN PROGRAM: SEASON ONE comes with Dolby Digital 2.0 channel surround stereo soundtracks. The soundtracks are a purely sitcom, so the sound design does little more than get the job done. Channel separations are relatively mild. Fidelity is good for a television production; the music and sound effects are ok. Dialogue is clean and always easy to understand. No other language tracks or subtitles have been included on the DVDs.

The basic interactive menus allow one access to the standard scene selection and set up features, as well as Audio Commentaries on five episodes, Musical Performances: Live From The Comedy Central Stage, Animated Storyboards and Karaoke Sing-A-Long.

While not to every taste, THE SARAH SILVERMAN PROGRAM: SEASON ONE offers some outrageous fun.



The Sarah Silverman Program - Season One



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