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I love my Mom and Dad and my brothers too,
And the groovy way we get along,
But every time the slightest little thing goes wrong,
Mom starts to sing this familiar song.

I remember watching WAIT TILL YOUR FATHER GETS HOME when I was a kid. The show wasn’t like any other animated program that I watched at the time, as its "more adult" content could easily attest. Coming from Hanna-Barbera, WAIT TILL YOUR FATHER GETS HOME broke new ground by mixing the animated domestic comedy of a show like THE FLINTSTONES with the edgy topicality of ALL IN THE FAMILY. The results were certainly amusing and timely, but unfortunately, WAIT TILL YOUR FATHER GETS HOME never found a significant enough audience to last beyond its initial two seasons in first run syndication.

Like a typical early 1970’s sitcom, WAIT TILL YOUR FATHER GETS HOME plays its humor off the generation gap between its hard working conservative head of household Harry Boyle and his far more liberal children. Harry runs a small restaurant equipment supply company and lives in middle class suburbia with his stay at home wife Irma, college educated, but lazy, unemployed eldest son Chet, weighty, rebellious teenaged daughter Alice and capitalistic nine year old son Jamie. Also along for the ride is next-door neighbor Ralph Kane, who just happens to be an ultra-right-wing conservative conspiracy nut. The vocal talent behind WAIT TILL YOUR FATHER GETS HOME includes Tom Bosley, Joan Gerber, Kristina Holland, David Hayward, Lennie Weinrib, Jackie Earle Haley and Jack Burns.

WAIT TILL YOUR FATHER GETS HOME: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON ($45) comes to DVD in a four-disc set that features the following twenty-four episodes that were aired during its freshman year: The Fling, Alice's Dress, The Hippie, The Beach Vacation, Help Wanted, Love Story, The Victim, Chet's Job, Chet's Fiancée, The Mouse, Duty Calls, Expectant Papa, The New Car, The New House, The Prowler, Mama's Identity, Papa The Patient, The Swimming Pool, Sweet Sixteen, The Commune, Music Tycoon, Accidents Will Happen, Papa In New York and The Neighbors.

Warner Home Video has made all twenty-two episodes that comprise WAIT TILL YOUR FATHER GETS HOME: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON available on DVD in the proper full screen aspect ratios of their original television broadcasts. I have to admit WAIT TILL YOUR FATHER GETS HOME isn’t the most attractive animated program ever produced for television. In fact, the animation is rather Spartan, and at times, downright unattractive. Of course, the DVD presentations cannot be faulted for the look of the original animation. The transfers are good quality, with the animation looking as good as it can. Colors offer respectable saturation and are reproduced without incident. Blacks are fairly accurate and the whites are stable. Contrast is adequate for this type of 2D cell animated program. The film elements are free from significant flaws. There is some grain, but it isn’t excessive. Digital compression artifacts are not a problem.

The Dolby Digital monaural soundtracks are pretty solid, which is about all one would expect from a thirty five year old animated sitcom. Sound effects and music are a little thin, but not too bad. The dialogue is fairly crisp and generally easy to understand. Most signs of background hiss and noise have been cleaned up in the mastering process, which leaves a generally smooth sounding track. No other language tracks or subtitles are included.

Music serves to underscore the basic interactive menus, which provide access to the standard scene selection and set up features, as well as some extras.  Animation For The Nation is a ten minute program that looks at the series and how it reflected the era in which it aired. Illustrating The Times spends a little more than six minutes looking at the series unique animated styling.

With its fusion of elements from THE FLINTSTONES and ALL IN THE FAMILY, WAIT TILL YOUR FATHER GETS HOME was a unique animated series that made a brief appearance in prime time. Warner’s DVD collection looks and sounds fine. If you remember the series from its original run, or would like to check it out, WAIT TILL YOUR FATHER GETS HOME: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON gets the nod.



Wait Till Your Father Gets Home - The Complete First Season



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