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ENCHANTED ($30) is a genuine delight of a movie that pays tribute to glorious animated fairy tales of Disney’s heyday, while at the same time it playfully sends up the conventions of the film’s that it celebrates. The premise of ENCHANTED centers on Giselle (Amy Adams), your typical lovely, young damsel from the animated fairy tale Kingdom of Andalasia, who is waiting for her prince, true love’s first kiss and the kind of happily ever after that comes with such an existence. Not surprisingly, Prince Edward (James Marsden) takes one look at Giselle and asks her to marry him. Of course, this doesn’t sit well with Edward’s stepmother, the evil Queen Narissa (Susan Sarandon), who will be forced to relinquish her title and the thrown, when Edward takes a bride.

On the way to her wedding, Giselle encounters a disguised Narissa, who banishes the bride-to-be from the animated realm of Andalasia, to a place where there are no happily ever afters- namely the live action world, and modern day New York City in particular. To say the Giselle is a fish out of water in the big city is an understatement, as she brings her simple fairy tale convictions and innocence to every situation she encounters in a much more complex real world. This, of course, leads to much of the film’s underlying humor. Once Prince Edward discovers his future bride missing, he goes to the real world in search of Giselle. Not surprisingly, Narissa dispatches her (somewhat inept) henchman Nathaniel (Timothy Spall) into the real world to get rid of Giselle once and for all. ENCHANTED also stars Patrick Dempsey as divorce attorney Robert Philip, who takes in Giselle, despite his complete lack of understanding of the concept of happily ever after. The cast of ENCHANTED also features Idina Menzel, Rachel Covey and Julie Andrews.

Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment has made ENCHANTED available on available on DVD in a 2.35:1 widescreen presentation that has been enhanced for playback on 16:9 displays. While most of the film is at the 2.35:1 aspect ratio, it should be noted that the opening animated sequence is matted at the sides to create 1.85:1 presentation that bursts into ‘scope once the characters enter the real world. The DVD looks great, delivering a first rate standard definition presentation. The picture appears sharp and produces a nice level of detail. Colors are strongly rendered and the flesh tones are attractive. Blacks are deep, white are stable and contrast is very smooth. The film elements are pristine and grain is minimal. Digital compression artifacts are well concealed.

For this release, ENCHANTED comes with 5.1 channel soundtracks in both the Dolby Digital and DTS varieties. The sound design is not particularly showy, except for a few sequences, but the sound quality is very nice indeed. Much of ENCHANTED is talky, but there are musical numbers are very pleasing and make good use of the outlying channels. Additionally, musical fidelity is strong, especially on the DTS soundtrack option. Sound effects are convincingly reproduced, but for the most part, they are incidental, except for the film’s climax. The bass channel demonstrates its strength during key moments. Dialogue is always crystal clear and easy to understand. French and Spanish language tracks are also encoded onto the disc, as are English, French and Spanish subtitles.

Animation and sound serve to enhance the interactive menus. Through the menus, one has access to the standard scene/episode selection and set up features, as well as a few nice extra features. Fantasy Comes To Life offers individual production Featurettes on three separate sequences within the movie. Six Deleted Scenes with director introduction are also present, as is a Music Video for the song Ever Ever After featuring Carrie Underwood. Pip’s Predicament: A Pop-Up Adventure is feature that is definitely for the kiddies. Bloopers and Previews for other Disney Blu-ray titles close out the extra content.

ENCHANTED is a genuine delight and the DVD looks great. If you are a classic Disney fan, ENCHANTED is a must have. Recommended.



Enchanted (Widescreen Edition) (2007)



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