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We're tiny, we're toony, we're all a little looney,
And in this cartoony, we're invading your TV!
We're comic dispensers, we crack up all the censors,
On Tiny Toon Adventures get a dose of comedy!

Executive producer Steven Spielberg name above the credits certainly gave the series a nice pedigree, but 1990ís TINY TOON ADVENTURES succeeded because it was a reinvention of the classic Warner Bros. animated characters for a new generation. With modern sensibilities in place, TINY TOON ADVENTURES didnít muck with the existing characters, but instead proceeded from the conceit that these grand old masters would be training younger characters in toon lunacy. Set in Acme Acres, these young cartoon characters attend Acme Looniversity, where they learn toon basics from the likes of Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig etcÖ These younger toons are analogs for the established character and include Babs & Buster Bunny (Bugs), Plucky Duck (Daffy), Hamton J. Pig (Porky), Elmyra Duff (Elmer Fudd) and Montana Max (Yosemite Sam). Much of the humor contained in TINY TOON ADVENTURES consists of send-ups and parodies of popular culture icons, not to mention celebrities. The vocal talent includes Charlie Adler, Tress MacNeille, Gail Matthius, Kath Soucie, Don Messick, Joe Alaskey, Maurice LaMarche, Frank Welker, Rob Paulsen, Danny Cooksey, Cree Summer, Candi Milo and Cindy McGee.

TINY TOON ADVENTURES: SEASON 1, VOLUME 1 ($45) comes to DVD in a four-disc set that features the series first thirty-five episodes. The thirty -five episodes are as follows: The Looney Beginning, A Quack In The Quarks, The Wheel O' Comedy, Test Stressed, The Buster Bunny Bunch, Her Wacky Highness, Journey To The Center Of Acme Acres, Stuff That Goes Bump In The Night, It's Buster Bunny Time, Looking Out For The Little Guy, Starting From Scratch, Hare Raising Night, Furrball Follies, The Acme Acres Zone, Little Cake Of Horrors, Rock 'N' Roar, Prom-Ise Her Anything, Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow, Night Of The Living Pets, You Asked For It, Gang Busters, Citizen Max, Wake Up Call Of The Wild, Buster And The Wolverine, You Asked For It, Part II, Hollywood Plucky, Europe In 30 Minutes, The Wacko World Of Sports, Rainy Daze, Fields Of Honey, Sawdust And Toonsil, Spring In Acme Acres, Psychic Fun-Omenon Day, The Wide World Of Elmyra and A Ditch In Time.

Warner Home Video has made all the episodes that comprise TINY TOON ADVENTURES: SEASON 1, VOLUME 1 available on DVD in the proper 4:3 full screen aspect ratios of their original television broadcasts. TINY TOON ADVENTURES was produced for daily syndication, so these episodes do not represent the best looking animated programs to be released on DVD. The image is a bit soft and appears as though the DVDs were created from syndication masters, instead of the original film elements. Colors are bright and reasonably stable. Blacks and whites appear pretty accurate. The elements are clean. Artifacts are slightly noticeable, but not excessive.

For this release, all of the episodes contained in TINY TOON ADVENTURES: SEASON 1, VOLUME 1 have been upgraded to a Dolby Digital 5.1 channel soundtracks. The soundtracks are front-loaded and are not overly directional. However, the music and sound effects sound decent. Dialogue is crisp and is easy to understand. English, French and Portuguese language tracks are also provided, as are English and Portuguese subtitles.

Music underscores the basic interactive menus, which allow one access to the standard episode/scene selection and set up features, as well as From Looney Toons To Tiny Toons- A Wacky Evolution! This program looks at how the new series was built upon the foundation established by the classic cartoon characters.

TINY TOON ADVENTURES remains a fun animated series. The DVD presentations of the episodes are adequate enough, but really donít look any better than syndication masters.



Tiny Toon Adventures: Season 1, Vol. 1 (2008)



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