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EASTWOOD AFTER HOURS: LIVE AT CARNEGIE HALL ($20) is an undiscovered gem of a DVD that has the potential to go unnoticed by jazz fans, as well as movie buffs. I am sure that there is a large number of both jazz aficionados and movie fans that donít know that actor/director/producer Clint Eastwood is a lifelong jazz fan. The more perceptive out there would have picked up on this by a number of choices that Eastwood has made in his career- his decision to direct and produce BIRD, a biography of jazz great Charlie Parker should have been a dead giveaway.

Anyway, EASTWOOD AFTER HOURS: LIVE AT CARNEGIE HALL is both a concert and tribute to the films of Clint Eastwood, in which jazz music is prominently featured. The program features performances from prominent jazz artists, as well as the Carnegie Hall Jazz Band and is interspersed with vintage photos, clips from Eastwood movies, as well as comments from Eastwood himself. Some of the headliners performing live at this October 17, 1996 include Jimmy Scott, Christian McBride, Joshua Redman, Jay McShann, James Carter, Thelonious Monk Jr., Kenny Mahogany, James Rivers. Also appearing and serving as musical director is composer Lennie Niehaus, The Kyle Eastwood Quartet (featuring Clintís son) and Eastwood himself makes an appearance on stage- how could he pass up the chance to play piano at Carnegie Hall?

Warner Home Video has made EASTWOOD AFTER HOURS: LIVE AT CARNEGIE HALL available on DVD in a full screen presentation that would be appropriate to the original broadcast. The concert was captured on videotape and reproduces with a clean stable image. Colors have the strong saturation one associates with well-lit videotape sources. Overall, the DVD produces a nice looking image, equivalent to what broadcast video can produce. Film clips appear to come from broadcast masters- lacking their proper aspect ratios and having a somewhat fuzzy quality. There are no signs of digital compression artifacts to mar the presentation

EASTWOOD AFTER HOURS: LIVE AT CARNEGIE HALL is presented in Dolby Digital 2.0 stereo surround. While 5.1 would have been nice, the soundtrack proves that matrixed surround was a capable format that could produce very good sound. The audio mix has a wonderful sense of depth and character, which goes far to place one inside the Carnegie Hall venue. The music comes from in front of the audience; with the rear channels producing the reflected sound one hears when live music is played in a concert hall. On the whole, the music has a warm, open sound that benefits from the high fidelity of the original recordings. Subtitles have been provided on the DVD in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

The basic interactive menus provide access to the standard set up features, as well as individual tracks performed during the concert. A ten-minute program entitled Eastwood After Dark has been included on the DVD to supplement the concert. The program features brief interviews with Clint, as well as some of the performers, plus brief look at the actor/director/jazz fanís career.

As I stated above, EASTWOOD AFTER HOURS: LIVE AT CARNEGIE HALL is an undiscovered gem. If you love jazz, the movies or Clint Eastwood, you really should check out the wonderful little DVD.


Eastwood After Hours (Live at Carnegie Hall)


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