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AFRICA: THE SERENGETI ($25) is a beautiful Imax film that takes the viewer to one of the last wild places on Earth. AFRICA: THE SERENGETI is narrated by James Earl Jones, and the voice of THE LION KING is your personal tour guide. AFRICA: THE SERENGETI takes the viewer on a journey across Africa, which follows the creatures that are forced to migrate across the Serengeti in search of water and food. Life and death on the Serengeti may be harsh, but life itself is a joyous thing to behold. Wildebeests, zebras and antelopes are forced to compete against predators and natural hazards as they make their annual 500 mile trek. The beasts of the wild also mate and give birth to their young, completing the natural cycle of life, as does Mother nature, when the fall rains give a rebirth to the plains scorched dry by the arid summer.

AFRICA: THE SERENGETI looked quite good on Laserdisc and appears only slightly better on DVD. The transfer on the DVD is richly detailed and the colors appear nicely saturated, without a trace of video noise. Digital artifacts are held in check throughout most of the presentation. The Dolby Digital soundtrack has a respectable 5.1 mix, which closely resembles the matrixed Dolby Surround mix found on the Laserdisc, instead of a discrete 5 channel mix. Still, the mix is atmospheric and does have a number of pleasing directional effects. AFRICA: THE SERENGETI is a great Imax film, and those collectors who do not already own the Laserdisc edition will certainly want to add the DVD to their collections.



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