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Lumivision was the first company to release titles on DVD. A number of Lumivision’s initial titles had a few problems that have since been resolved in their later titles, thanks to the learning curve associated with any new technology. Lumivision has upgraded one of their earliest Imax titles with impressive results. In fact, Lumivision’s new, eight-language version of AFRICA: THE SERENGETI ($30) totally blows away their original release.

Picture quality on the new DVD is smooth, detailed and almost digital compression artifact free (the previous DVD release had some blocky compression artifacts). This truly marvelous Imax film really takes advantage of the DVD technology, being the first release to offer eight separate language tracks. In addition to English, AFRICA: THE SERENGETI can offer playback in Bavarian, Castilian, Catalan, French, Japanese, Korean and Mandarin. Isn’t technology cool? The English language version of this wonderful Imax film is narrated film is narrated by James Earl Jones.

AFRICA: THE SERENGETI takes the viewer to the plains of the Serengeti where millions of wildebeests, antelope and zebra make their annual 500 mile trek in search of food and water. AFRICA: THE SERENGETI shows nature in all its glory, from the joys of birth to the harshness of death on the plains. Like I stated above, image quality on this DVD is excellent. The picture is sharp, detailed and colors are vivid.

Lumivision’s upgraded edition of AFRICA: THE SERENGETI is a great DVD. If you love the Imax films, this is the best way to own them. I am looking forward to Lumivision releasing all of the Imax films at this level of excellence.



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