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Although it's called AIRPLANE II: THE SEQUEL ($30), I don't know if you should call this movie a sequel, since it plays like a remake, with only a slightly altered story line. When I say remake I mean it- heck, many of the jokes from the original film are recycled in this "sequel." Whatever originality the first AIRPLANE seems to have remained with the creative team of Jim Abrahams and David Zucker and Jerry Zucker, who had nothing to do with the second film. AIRPLANE II: THE SEQUEL was written and directed by Ken Finkleman, a man who must have worked for team Xerox before entering the movie business.

Instead of just being a parody of the airline disaster movie, AIRPLANE II: THE SEQUEL launches into outer space to tell the tale of a commuter shuttle heading to the moon. Robert Hays is back as Ted Striker, the reluctant pilot from the first film, who has wound up in the loony bin after declaring that the lunar shuttle is doomed to disaster. Julie Hagerty once more essays the role of Elaine Dickinson, only this time, instead of just walking out on Ted, we find that she is now engaged to Simon (Chad Everett), the lunar shuttle’s communications officer. Hoping to avert the pending disaster, Ted breaks out of the nut house and follows Elaine onto the shuttle. Before you know it, Ted's predictions about the shuttle bare out, which put him back in the pilot's seat when the crew becomes incapacitated. AIRPLANE II: THE SEQUEL does have a lot of funny moments, although many of them are in the form of flashback footage recycled from the first film. Still, the cast gives it the old college try and they milk the jokes for all their worth. The cast of AIRPLANE II: THE SEQUEL also includes Lloyd Bridges, Peter Graves, Chuck Connors, William Shatner, Raymond Burr, John Vernon, Stephen Stucker and Kent McCord.

Paramount Home Entertainment has made AIRPLANE II: THE SEQUEL available on DVD in a very nice looking wide screen presentation that has been enhanced for playback on 16:9 displays. AIRPLANE II: THE SEQUEL seems to have been shot on slightly more expensive film stock than the original, which gives the image a bit more depth than what was visible in the first film. Image quality is pretty good throughout; making this the best AIRPLANE II: THE SEQUEL has ever looked on home video. Still, AIRPLANE II: THE SEQUEL is a bit soft looking compared to new movies, but having it properly framed at 1.85:1 certainly enhances the presentation. Colors are a bit more vibrant than there were on the first movie, but this too is attributable to the film's cinematography and film stock. There are no problems with either chroma noise or bleeding. Blacks appear accurate, but shadow detail is limited by the original photography. There are no signs of digital compression artifacts on this DVD.

The Dolby Digital monaural soundtrack is up to the task, providing crisp dialogue reproduction, without any annoying distortion or hiss. Frequency response is limited, but so are the sound effects and music. A French monaural soundtrack has also been encoded onto the DVD, as have English subtitles. The basic interactive menus provide access to the standard scene selection and set up features.


Airplane 2 - The Sequel


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