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Lumivision’s ANIMATION GREATS! ($25) is an intriguing and entertaining DVD release featuring eight animated short films from the National Film Board of Canada. The tone of each film varies, but all are little gems in their own right. Highlights include the Academy Award nominated short THE CAT CAME BACK about a pesky cat that keeps returning despite the ever more manic attempts of a man to be rid of the feline nuisance. THE BIG SNIT also garnered an Academy Award nomination for its story that juxtaposes a domestic squabble against global nuclear war. BLACKFLY is another short that garnered a nomination for itself, and uses a folk song with the same title to accompany the story of the swarms of black flies that stand in the way of progress. Finally, there is the Academy Award winning short SPECIAL DELIVERY that goes to overblown lengths to tell the tale of a postman who slips and falls to his death, when a homeowner doesn’t bother to clean the snow from his front steps.

All of the animated films look good on this DVD. The look of each film varies in style, so the image quality of each also varies. The image remains reasonably and detailed sharp for each film. Compression artifacts were never bothersome. The Dolby Digital soundtracks vary as much as the image quality, but all remain well within the realm of good sounding.

ANIMATION GREATS! is alternative programming at its best, and animation fans are sure to get a kick out of this DVD.



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