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You know, I really thought my favorite part of the CHER: LIVE IN CONCERT ($25) DVD was going to be the really cool 3-D packaging. Boy, was I wrong. The concert was slick, well produced and quite enjoyable. CHER: LIVE IN CONCERT was recorded at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas during her 1999 BELIEVE tour. If there ever was a performer whose act is perfectly suited to the Vegas venue, it is Cher. This is a big, overblown production, featuring lots of glitz, a troop of dancers, a light show, a huge video screen, and outrageous Bob Mackie costumes. However, at the center is a very talented lady who has been performing for nearly 35 years and doesnít seem to have any trouble poking fun at her own public persona. Now Iím sure that the thought of a CHER: LIVE IN CONCERT will have many of you diving for cover, but I have to give the lady credit. Cher sounds great and she looks utterly fantastic, displaying a figure that would make women half her age envious. The ninety-minute show includes old hits like Half Breed and Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves; later hits like I Found Someone and If I Could Turn Back Time and Cherís most recent (and biggest) hit song Believe.

With CHER: LIVE IN CONCERT, HBO Home Video delivers a very solid DVD release. The video looks wonderful, with everything appearing sharp and cleanly defined. Colors are very strong and are faithfully recreated. For the most part the colors are well rendered, although some of the hot reds, pinks and purples threaten to bleed beyond their borders. Flesh tones are accurate and very appealing. Blacks are strong and contrast is very good, despite some harsh lighting and the reflective nature of Cherís costumes. There are no problems with digital compression artifacts on this dual layered DVD, although the layer switch could have been put in a better place.

CHER: LIVE IN CONCERT offers two soundtrack options, PCM stereo and a Dolby Digital 5.1 channel track. The PCM stereo sounds great, but the Dolby Digital mix places the viewer right in the best seat in the house at the MGM Grand. There is a very good musical quality to the 5.1 channel mix, without the harshness that sometimes accompanies Dolby Digital soundtracks. The music is spread across the forward soundstage in a realistic fashion, with the rear channels supplying reverb and the sounds of the audience. Cherís vocals sound terrific, with that wonderful husky quality that her voice rising to the top. Subtitles are encoded onto the DVD in English, French and Spanish for anyone who would like to sing along. The interactive menus are mildly animated and feature music. Through the menus, one can access the standard set up features, as well as jumping to individual song selections. Supplements are also available through the menu system. Included amongst the supplements is a Cher biography and photo gallery, Bob Mackie costume sketches and the video montage portions of the stage show.


Cher - Live in Concert (1999)


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