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I've always been a fan of EARTH GIRLS ARE EASY ($30) and was delighted to learn that Artisan Entertainment would be releasing the cult favorite on DVD in its full wide screen splendor. EARTH GIRLS ARE EASY is a campy slice of fun that takes its swipes at the vapid Southern California lifestyle, while posing as a science fiction, rock-n-roll musical. Geena Davis stars as Valerie, a beautiful manicurist who has been having problems with her boyfriend Ted (Charles Rocket). The bottom falls out of Valerie and Ted's relationship just as a spaceship falls out of the sky- crashing directly into Valerie's swimming pool.

Out of the spaceship pops three furry aliens played by Jeff Goldblum, Damon Wayans and the twenty million-dollar man- Jim Carrey. Having three furry extraterrestrials around the house may not be a big deal in Southern California, but Valeria isn't taking any chances. Wanting to disguise the aliens from prying eyes, Valerie asks her best friend, who happens to be a beautician, to give the aliens a make over. Julie Brown portrays Candy, the beautician whose dog grooming experience goes a long way in remaking the aliens into Hollywood heartthrobs. Quicker than you can say "I do"- easy Earth girl Valerie is doing it with the alien named Mac (Goldblum).

So, will Valerie ever get the alien spaceship out of her swimming pool? Will she make up with her boyfriend? Will the old lady next door ever quit spying on her? For the answer to these and other Earth shattering questions pick up a copy of EARTH GIRLS ARE EASY.

Artisan Entertainment has done a phenomenal job of transferring EARTH GIRLS ARE EASY to DVD. EARTH GIRLS ARE EASY is presented in its complete Panavision 2.35:1 aspect ratio and the DVD includes the anamorphic enhancement for wide screen televisions. This DVD is gorgeous. Image quality is top of the line- sharp and exceedingly well defined. Color reproduction is virtually flawless. The candy colored world of EARTH GIRLS ARE EASY features highly saturated hues that the DVD recreates without a trace of chroma noise, or a hint of distortion. Digital compression artifacts were virtually undetectable thanks to a terrific authoring job.

My only complaint with EARTH GIRLS ARE EASY is the fact that the soundtrack is only two channel Dolby Digital. Sure, it decodes to standard Dolby Surround, but a discrete 5.1 channel soundtrack is so much cleaner and better defined than a matrixed track. Despite my disappointment, the Dolby Surround soundtrack is rather good, especially during the musical numbers. The track has some pleasing separations across the front channels, while the surrounds serve to fill out the music and add ambience to the track. Spanish subtitles have been encoded into the DVD.

The interactive menus are somewhat animated and contain sound effects. Through the menus one can access production notes, cast biographies, a theatrical trailer, deleted footage and the scene selection feature with full motion previews.

EARTH GIRLS ARE EASY is goofy fun and the DVD is drop dead gorgeous. Fans of the film are certain to be pleased by the great job Artisan has done. Recommended.




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