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For those who enjoy image and music titles, and even for those who have never experienced one, EARTHLIGHT ($30) turns out to be one of the most delightful and relaxing programs to be released on DVD. EARTHLIGHT is comprised of NASA footage taken from various high vantage points in space, featuring the Earth and other objects in nearby orbit. New age instrumental works composed by Ryan Shore accompanies the marvelous visuals. For the viewer, EARTHLIGHT is like gently floating over the Earth, while taking in some of the most glorious vistas in the solar system. Ryan Shore’s music gently carries the viewer along on this spaceward journey. With EARTHLIGHT, one is able to experience the wonders of the Earth from the best seat in the house. From on high, one can take in hurricanes, distant city lights, oceans, deserts and even floating space stations. The NASA footage looks spectacular on this DVD, crisp with deep ocean blues and rich Earth tones. Ryan Shore’s music is well encoded into Dolby Digital and takes full advantage of the discrete channel capabilities of the format. EARTHLIGHT is also DVD-ROM compatible and offers screen savers and high-resolution images from the NASA archives. EARTHLIGHT is a rich and rewarding DVD for those who love our planet. It is also the perfect disc for those times when one is feeling stressed or in a contemplative mood.




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