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HACKERS ($25) is the equivalent of WARGAMES for the MTV generation. The movie has the look of a music video while the plot centers on a teenage hacker who breaks into the computer system of big mineral corporation and unwittingly downloads evidence of someone doctoring the company’s books. To throw the authorities off the scent, the guilty party makes it appear as if the hacker has planted a virus in the company’s computer system that will cause an ecological disaster by sinking a number of oil tankers out at sea. In an effort to stay ahead of the federal agents on their tail, an elite group of teen hackers are forced to band together to expose the guilty party by breaking into the mineral company’s computer system again. The cast of HACKERS includes Jonny Lee Miller, Angelina Jolie, Jesse Bradford, Matthew Lillard, Laurence Mason, Renoly Santiago, Fisher Stevens, Alberta Watson, Darren Lee, Peter Y. Kim, Ethan Browne, Lorraine Bracco, Wendell Pierce and Penn Jillette.

MGM Home Entertainment has made HACKERS available on DVD in the Letterboxed format only. The Letterboxed transfer recreates HACKERS 2.35:1 theatrical aspect ratio quite faithfully, while the DVD includes the anamorphic enhancement for wide screen televisions. HACKERS looks terrific on DVD, with a super fine image that recreates the glossy MTV inspired visuals. Color reproduce with natural flesh tones and solid saturation. Digital compression artifacts were well concealed on this well-authored DVD.

The Dolby Digital 5.1 channel soundtrack has a dependable mix that favors what else- the music. Dialogue reproduction is clean and clear, while sound effects are reasonable well placed. A French language soundtrack has been encoded into the DVD, along with English, French and Spanish subtitles.

The interactive menus contain a bit of animation and music. Through the menus one can access a theatrical trailer, plus the usual scene and language selection features.




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