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THE MISADVENTURES OF JAMES SPAWN ($30) is the type of DVD title that isn't going to be suited to everyone's taste. Personally, I thought it was kind of goofy- in a fun way of course. This title is geared towards someone who might be a rabid fan of Howard Stern, however those individuals who spend most of their time in the DVD shop checking out the latest opera releases can skip right over this one.

THE MISADVENTURES OF JAMES SPAWN is an interactive DVD movie that allows the viewer to choose how the scenario will play out. At various points in this comic fantasy, a number of icons will appear on the screen that can be selected via the DVD player's remote control. Like a game, the viewer pretty much lives or dies by their choices. Wrong choices take you back to a point in the story where the viewer can make a better selection. In THE MISADVENTURES OF JAMES SPAWN, the viewer has to do all the thinking for the story's hapless leading man who searches for true love in a singles’ bar. Ted Davis stars as James Spawn, the somewhat dim hero of the tale, who uses a somewhat damaged mystical ring in his quest to find the woman of his dreams- or at least get lucky. Obviously, the story line isn't going to win any awards for political correctness. Lorissa McComas, Jenna Bodnar, Rebecca Ferratti and Tatiana Alvarez portray the possible objects of James Spawn's affection.

Since THE MISADVENTURES OF JAMES SPAWN is more like a game than it is a movie, I can't judge by the same standards as a theatrical release. To follow he story, the video quality is more than adequate. Certainly better than VHS or CD-ROM, the only other media that would allow this level of interactivity. The video is formatted around 1.85:1, which allows for the interactive icons to appear below the image. The sound is in 5.1, but don't get too excited. There is no real sweep or panning of the sounds. Overall, the sound is present just to enhance the goofy nature of the visuals, like a video game.

If you are attracted to the subject matter, THE MISADVENTURES OF JAMES SPAWN is an enjoyable diversion for you, your friends and a couple of six packs.




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