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They're sweet, they're cute and they kick butt. Of course, I'm talking about the animated superheroes known as The Powerpuff Girls. Made in the laboratory by Professor Utonium, The Powerpuff Girls were intended to be the perfect little girls made from sugar and spice and everything nice, when a lab accident added Chemical X to the mix, thus producing three pint size female superheroes named Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup. The basic premise of THE POWERPUFF GIRLS requires that those three little darlings save their hometown of Townsville, from an assortment of monsters, criminals or dastardly super-villains.

Before popping the first of the two DVD collections of episodes into my player, I didn't think that I would like The Powerpuff Girls, however the cartoons have the right combination of cleverness and goofiness to make them appealing to my inner child. The offbeat supporting characters are pretty darn funny, which takes the heat off the stars to generate the shows laughs- the inept Mayor of Townsville is certainly my favorite. By the way, be sure to check out the episodes with Mojo Jojo if you want to see how far a one-joke villain can be successfully stretched. Each of the two DVDs contain 10 complete episodes and run over two hours- THE POWERPUFF GIRLS: DOWN N' DIRTY runs 125 minutes, while THE POWERPUFF GIRLS: POWERPUFF BLUFF runs 140. DOWN N' DIRTY includes the following episodes: Birthday Bash, Beat Your Greens, School House Rocked Los Dos Mojos, Stuck Up, Up And Away, Dream Scheme, Just Another Manic Mojo, Down 'n' Dirty and Major Competition. I'm kind of partial to the title episode, in which Buttercup becomes an outcast from everyone (including monsters) when she quits bathing. THE POWERPUFF GIRLS: POWERPUFF BLUFF includes the following episodes: Cat Man Do, Uh-oh… My Dynamo, Mr. Mojo Rising, Powerpuff Bluff, Bubblevicious, Monkey See, Doggy Do, Mommy Fearest, Telephonies, Mime For A Change and Bare Facts. Please not that Bubblevicious and Bare Facts were Emmy nominated episodes, so the uninitiated may want to pick up this disc first.

Warner Home Video has done a fine job with both POWERPUFF GIRLS DVDs. Having since checked out the girls' exploits on Cartoon Network, I can honestly say the DVDs have a slight edge in picture quality. The image on both discs is crisp, clean and highly colorful. Additionally, there are no signs of chromatic distortion or smearing on either disc, nor do digital compression artifacts affect image quality on these cleanly authored, dual layered DVDs.

The Dolby Digital 2.0 stereo surround soundtracks have television caliber audio mixes, which favor dialogue above all else. There are a few nice stereo sound effects and the music sounds pretty good, but heck, these television cartoons, so the soundtracks are there to get the job done. English closed captioning is provided on both DVDs.

The Basic interactive menus provide access to the individual cartoons, as well as a bonus cartoon on each disc, Powerpuff Girl bios and some trivia questions.

At $19.98 each, both POWERPUFF GIRLS DVDs offer a lot of bang for the buck; so don't hesitate in picking them up for the kids. You never know, you might find yourself enjoying the DVDs as well.


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