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While I do like the concept of having music videos available on DVD, how does one review that particular format? Do they base it on the music… the images… both? In the case of the SUPREME BEINGS OF LEISURE: STRANGE LOVE ADDICTION DVD single release, I found myself really liking the group's music, so the images didn't really matter. This isn't to say that the accompanying videos weren't good, which they were, just that I found their slick electronic sound infectious and perfect for a party where the people just want to dance. For those unfamiliar with the group, the Supreme Beings Of Leisure are an eclectic quartet with diverse backgrounds that gives them an interesting sound. The SUPREME BEINGS OF LEISURE: STRANGE LOVE ADDICTION DVD single includes two music videos Strange Love Addiction and You're Always The Sun, plus a bonus music only track entitled Naughty Boy. Music options on the DVD include PCM stereo, which provides excellent resolution and fidelity, as well as Dolby Digital 5.1 channel mixes for the music videos. Personally, I prefer the 5.1 channel mix on the title cut because the band's electronic sound lends itself perfectly to that type of mix. Individual bits of the music can be inserted into the various channels to produce a marvelous effect, which doesn't sound any more artificial than electronic music itself. Video quality on the DVD is also quite good, with the song's accompanying visuals appearing clean, without any traces of artifacts. Colors are also very solid and completely undistorted. The mildly animated interactive menus provide song access, as well as a choice of soundtracks. A SBL Electronic Press Kit is also included, which contains an introduction and interviews with the band.

This Palm Pictures DVD release has a list price of $7.98, but can be picked up for less than $6.00 on-line, which makes it comparable to a CD single and an even better value.


Supreme Beings of Leisure - Strange Love Addiction



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