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If you’re a fan of Bob Hope movies, then you will to want to check out THEY GOT ME COVERED ($25). THEY GOT ME COVERED is a hilarious W.W.II propaganda comedy that paints America in a bright light, while reducing the film's Axis villains as ethnic stereotypes. Thank goodness this movie was made fifty years before political correctness. In THEY GOT ME COVERED, Bob Hope portrays Robert Kittredge, a cowardly idiot of a newspaper reporter who makes one blunder too many while working as a war correspondent. Somehow, Kittredge is the only reporter to miss out on the German invasion of Russia- while he is stationed in Russia. Of course, the incident costs Kittredge his position at the newspaper. Undeterred by losing his job, Kittredge ventures into the Washington D.C. office hoping to find a story that will get him back in the good graces of his editor.

As dumb luck would have it, Kittredge falls into a nest of Nazi spies while visiting his girlfriend Christina Hill (Dorothy Lamour). However, before he is able to report back to his newspaper, Axis spies launch a preemptive strike to discredit Kittredge, so absolutely no one will believe his tale about Nazi agents operating in the Nation's Capitol. With his reputation in worse shape than usual, Kittredge is forced to play hero and unearth the Nazis secret plans for Washington. While the situations in THEY GOT ME COVERED would be deadly serious in almost any other movie, the presence of Bob Hope makes even the darkest moments hilarious. Hope's timing was seldom better than it is in THEY GOT ME COVERED, plus he rattles off some choice one-liners at his usual breakneck pace. The cast of THEY GOT ME COVERED also features Lénore Aubert, Otto Preminger, Eduardo Ciannelli, Marion Martin, Donald Meek, Phyllis Ruth, Philip Ahn, Donald MacBride, Mary Treen, Bettye Avery, Margaret Hayes, Mary Byrne, William Yetter, Henry Guttman, Florence Bates, Walter Catlett, John Abbott and Frank Sully.

THEY GOT ME COVERED has made its way to DVD via Samuel Goldwyn Home Entertainment and HBO Home Video. Considering that the film is nearly sixty years old, THEY GOT ME COVERED has been given a great looking black and white transfer that won't disappoint anyone. The image is consistently sharp and highly detailed, plus blacks are right on the money and the contrast is excellent. All in all, this transfer faithfully recreates the film’s glossy black and white cinematography from Hollywood’s glamorous heyday. Digital compression artifacts are well concealed on this smartly authored DVD.

The Dolby Digital monaural soundtrack sounds good for its age (we're talking 1942 here), however their is a Chase Stereo Surround re-mix that is a bit more full bodied. Either soundtrack will take a fair amount of amplification to give one the theatrical effect. French, Spanish and Italian language soundtracks have also been encoded onto the DVD, along with English, French and Spanish subtitles.

The interactive menus are fairly basic, offering the required scene and language selection features. A theatrical trailer, plus cast biographies/filmographies are also available through the interactive menus.




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