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Hammer film titles in the Warner Home Video library

Curse Of Frankenstein
Horror Of Dracula
The Mummy
Dracula Has Risen From The Grave
Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed
Moon Zero Two
Taste The Blood Of Dracula
When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth
Dracula A.D.-1972

If you would like to see these Hammer titles released in their proper 16:9 enhanced aspect ratios, please contact the following:

DVD Department
Warner Home Video
4000 Warner Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91522-1543
Telephone: 818-954-6000
Fax: 818-954-6480
Web Site:
Web Site:

Garrett M. Lee
Image Entertainment Inc.
9333 Oso Avenue
Chatsworth, CA 91311
Telephone: 818-407-9100
Fax: 818-407-9111
Web Site:

Laserdisc Notes: Warner Home Video currently controls the video right to some of the most important films in the Hammer library, yet they show little interest in releasing these films on DVD and Laserdisc. Warner did release HORROR OF DRACULA and THE MUMMY. Unfortunately, both films were cropped, and initially HORROR OF DRACULA was missing footage. That missing footage was restored in a later pressing of the title. Despite the restoration of missing footage, the current transfer of HORROR OF DRACULA suffers from print damage, which spans an entire reel. HORROR OF DRACULA, along with CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN, put the Hammer film studios on the map and these films changed the face of horror cinema forever.

HORROR OF DRACULA, CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN and THE MUMMY truly deserve deluxe DVD releases. All three films should be mastered directly from Hammer's best film elements, and presented in their proper aspect ratios with the DVDs being 16:9 enhanced. Audio commentaries, stills, interviews, trailers and essays should be included in these deluxe packages.

You can also add the recommendation that if Warner is unwilling to release HORROR OF DRACULA, CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN and THE MUMMY on DVD the titles can be licensed to Anchor Bay Entertainment.  I am sure that Anchor Bay would be more than happy to release these important Hammer classics.

Laserdisc Addendum: CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN has been released on Laserdisc through Image Entertainment in the Letterboxed format.  Dracula Has Risen From The Grave has been released on Laserdisc in the Letterboxed format.

DVD Addendum: Warner Nome Video has released a very nice film only edition of THE MUMMY on DVD.  Read the review here.  As of 04/05/02 HORROR OF DRACULA and CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN are currently in the works for release on DVD.  Go to our OPERATION: DVD objective page for HORROR OF DRACULA, CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN and THE MUMMY for further details and artwork.

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