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For me, THE CABLE GUY ($35) is Jim Carrey’s most satisfying film. I was barely able to sit through his obnoxious antics in previous films, but in this film the persona he has cultivated actually works. THE CABLE GUY is a darker film than Carrey’s previous outings, yet his obnoxious sociopath character turns out to be an effective commentary on the generations raised by television, instead of actual human beings. Perhaps that was why THE CABLE GUY failed at the box office. Jim Carrey portrays the title character, a loner so desperate for attention that he worms his way into every aspect of the life of one of his customers. Things turn psychotic when the customer rebuffs Carrey’s overtures to friendship. Carrey then sets out to destroy the life of his former "friend". Matthew Broderick is the poor perplexed customer who doesn’t know how to rid himself of the new "best friend" who has turned into his worst nightmare. THE CABLE GUY succeeds as a film for three reasons. First, because Carrey and Broderick work well together. Second, the script makes effective use of Carrey’s established persona. And third, because director Ben Stiller has a real feel for black comedy. The cast of THE CABLE GUY also includes Leslie Mann and George Segal.

Columbia TriStar Home Video has done a top notch job transferring THE CABLE GUY to Laserdisc. The transfer restores the essentials of the original 2.35:1 aspect ratio, which is an absolute must. The film’s frenetic camera work must become an absolute blur in pan and scan. Sorry vhs and cable (and possibly DVD) viewers. Colors are quite good, as is the level of detail in the transfer. The digitally encoded Dolby Surround soundtrack has a solid performing mix, which will take substantial amplification. The Sony DADC pressing was fairly clean.


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