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This review originally appeared in issue 9 of THE CINEMA LASER.


THE CAINE MUTINY ($40) has been re­mastered by Columbia/TriStar and the disc is gorgeous! Based on Herman Wouk's Pulitzer Prize winning novel, THE CAINE MUTINY is the tale of a less than ideal navy ship and the mutiny that occurs due to circumstance. Humphrey Bogart is brilliant as Captain Queeg, a man on the verge of a mental breakdown. It is Bogart that everyone remembers from this film, but Jose Ferrer, Van Johnson and Fred MacMurray who all turn in great performances, and have to be credited with helping to make this film an enduring classic.

As I stated above, this Laserdisc is gorgeous. The transfer is beautifully detailed and the colors are sumptuous. In fact, this disc comes quite close capturing the look of the original IB Technicolor release prints. The digital monaural soundtrack is nice, but it would have been a lot nicer if Columbia/TriStar was able to find the original inter­lock stereo soundtrack. The Sony (DADC) Austria pressing had a few inclusions, but otherwise quite good.


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