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EVENT HORIZON ($40) has an interesting premise that melds the science fiction and horror genres, although the execution isn’t too successful. Some of the concepts presented in EVENT HORIZON are grounded in recent physics theorem, but the rest is pure horror movie fodder. If one were to mix elements from films like THE BLACK HOLE, HELLRAISER, PRINCE OF DARKNESS and ALIEN, they would pretty much come up with the plot of EVENT HORIZON. In the year 2040, a space ship named Event Horizon disappears after engaging its experimental gravity drive. The power of an artificial black hole is at the center of the gravity drive. The harnessed power is used to fold the fabric of space and instantaneously transport the ship from one point in the universe to another.

Seven years after its disappearance, the Event Horizon reappears in a decaying orbit around the planet Neptune. The salvage ship Louis & Clark is dispatched to recover the Event Horizon and try to discover what happened to the ship and her crew when she disappeared. During the course of the salvage team’s investigation, an accident forces the crew of the Louis & Clark to take refuge on the Event Horizon. As they make repairs, the truth about the Event Horizon becomes quite evident. Somehow activating the gravity drive opened a doorway to hell, which in turn brought the Event Horizon to life.

Unless the salvage team can repair the Louis & Clark in time, the ship intends a return trip with a new set of passengers. It’s at this point the realm of science fiction is left far behind as EVENT HORIZON heads at warp speed into pure HELLRAISER inspired horror. The film’s chief highlight is actor Sam Neill who delivers a perfectly suited over the top performance as the Event Horizon’s creator who succumbs to dark forces at the heart of the ship. The cast of EVENT HORIZON also features Laurence Fishburne, Kathleen Quinlan, Joely Richardson, Richard T. Jones, Jack Noseworthy and Jason Isaacs.

Pioneer Entertainment and Paramount offer EVENT HORIZON on Laserdisc in a great looking Letterboxed transfer that presents the film very close to its theatrical aspect ratio of 2.35:1. The transfer is very crisp, detailed and features good color reproduction. EVENT HORIZON is a very good-looking movie and the transfer does justice to cinematographer Adrian Biddle’s work. The digitally encoded Dolby Surround soundtrack has a great mix, which will test your system’s bass reproduction. There is good channel separation and the surrounds are used effectively. The Laserdisc also includes a Dolby Digital track. The Pioneer pressing was very clean.


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