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Thanks to the folks at Elite Entertainment Inc., INVADERS FROM MARS ($40) has finally been re-issued on Laserdisc in it's full wide screen glory. INVADERS FROM MARS is director Tobe Hooper's wonderfully campy remake of the fifties sci-fi classic by the same name. The story follows a young boy who is the only one aware of an alien invasion after his patents are taken over. Like many sci-fi films, INVADERS FROM MARS becomes an exercise in paranoia as our hero finds more and more people in his town under the control of the alien invaders. INVADERS FROM MARS stars Karen Black, Timothy Bottoms Laraine Newman, James Karen, Bud Court, Louise Fletcher and Hunter Carson as the sometimes whiny and annoying boy hero. Special kudos have to go to Louise Fletcher as the alien possessed science teacher, she steals every scene she's in with a wonderfully twisted performance.

Elite has given INVADERS FROM MARS a good looking Letterboxed transfer which restores the film's proper 2.35:1 theatrical aspect ratio. INVADERS FROM MARS was an embarrassment to watch in the pan and scan format, with its proper aspect ratio back in place its a great deal of fun to view once again. The transfer is just a bit soft and grainy at times, but this minor shortcoming doesn't detract from the viewing experience. Still, the colors are good and the flesh tones appear accurate throughout. The digitally encoded surround sound has a reasonably good mix which is well worth amplifying. The Pioneer pressing had only some minor speckling. Once again Elite Entertainment Inc., has to get the nod for releasing a cult favorite with a good transfer and a reasonable price.


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