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Many consider PROM NIGHT ($40) to be a classic of the slasher sub-genre because the film stared then "Scream Queen" Jamie Lee Curtis. Based upon the film’s reputation, Elite Entertainment Inc. has released PROM NIGHT with a fresh Letterboxed transfer which is certain to please fans. The plot of PROM NIGHT concerns the prom night killings of a group of high school students, who were responsible for the death of a young girl, eight years earlier. PROM NIGHT is a little slow getting started, with the killings starting late in the proceedings. In the mean time, red herrings are tossed out to keep the audience guessing the identity of the person threatening his teenage targets. PROM NIGHT was produced during the Disco era, and nothing ages worse than bad Disco music and dance sequences. Hell, I don’t know what’s more horrifying, a psycho killer stalking teens or Disco… In addition to Jamie Lee Curtis, the cast of PROM NIGHT also features a pre NAKED GUN Leslie Nielsen, as well as Casey Stevens and Antoinette Bower.

Elite Entertainment Inc. has given PROM NIGHT a good looking Letterboxed transfer, which restores the film to its proper 1.85:1 theatrical framing. The film’s cinematography seems to have relied upon diffusion lenses, giving just about every scene a gauzy, soft appearance. The transfer reproduces the film’s intended look without any problems. Colors ranged from good to a little pale. Again, this had more to do with the film’s original cinematography, and not any shortcomings in the transfer.

The digitally encoded monaural soundtrack was clean and reproduced with reasonable fidelity. The Japanese pressing had a modest number of inclusions. Supplements include a theatrical trailer as well as a television spot.


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