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Like PLAGUE OF THE ZOMBIES, THE REPTILE ($40) was intended as the second half of a Hammer double feature; it was originally paired with RASPUTIN THE MAD MONK. Again, like PLAGUE OF THE ZOMBIES, THE REPTILE stands on its own two legs and proves to be a first rate horror flick in its own right. The plot centers on a small English village where mysterious deaths occur. When the brother of one of the unfortunate victims moves into the cottage he has inherited, he discovers that his brother’s death wasn’t from natural causes, as he was lead to believe. His search for the truth leads him to a local theologian, whose research into obscure religious practices holds the key to the reptilian creature responsible for the deaths of the villagers. The cast of THE REPTILE features Noel Willman, Jennifer Daniel, Ray Barrett, Jacqueline Pearce, Michael Ripper, John Laurie and David Baron.

Like the other films in the Hammer series, William Lustig supervised the Elite Entertainment Letterboxed transfer of THE REPTILE. The Letterboxed transfer restores THE REPTILE to its proper 1.85:1 theatrical framing and looks quite good. Colors appear more vivid than most DeLuxe films from this period, and the image is sharp and nicely detailed. The digitally encoded monaural soundtrack is pretty clean and will take a good amount of amplification without any problems. The Pioneer pressing had modest speckling. As supplement, Elite Entertainment has included a theatrical trailer for THE REPTILE, as well as two combination television spots, which also features RASPUTIN THE MAD MONK.


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