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This review originally appeared in issue 6 of THE CINEMA LASER.


Anime buffs will greatly appreciate the effort that AnimEigo has put into their Laserdisc release of VAMPIRE PRINCESS MIYU ($40). The four episode, single disc release is presented in CLV, and since the animation is limited, most won't miss CAV. American limited animation requires limited thought from the viewer, but this Japanese production requires the viewer's attention and active thought processes (sorry Saturday morning cartoon buffs) to fully appreciate the intricacies of Japanese culture and story telling. Each episode tells a different interlocking sub­story, with the central mystery of how the characters are bound together unfolding throughout. Revealing too much about the story and the characters detracts from the joys of this disc, so I won't say anymore than the plot concerns the title character and a psychic investigator, who is the female equivalent of Van Helsing from DRACULA.

The folks at AnimEigo have done a great job with this release. The jacket contains extensive notes about VAMPIRE PRINCESS MIYU's production, plus technical specification for the subtitles and the video transfer and mastering. The transfer is first rate and the yellow subtitles are easy to read (subtitling, opposed to dubbing, retains the vocal direction and integrity of the performances of the production). The digitally encoded stereo sound is well rendered, and quite effective by the standard of animated fare. The 3M pressing is another shining example of the "new" 3M; virtually flawless.


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