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This review originally appeared in issue 9 of THE CINEMA LASER.


WAR OF THE WORLDS is one of a handful of films that define the science fiction genre, it is also one that has been in desperate need of re-mastering. The old edition of WAR OF THE WORLDS was offensive, it looked as if it were transferred from a 16mm source. The image was grainy and soft, the color was sallow, pale imitation of the Technicolor original. The newly re-mastered, all CAV edition of WAR OF THE WORLDS ($45) changes all that.

Based upon the H.G. Wells novel, WAR OF THE WORLDS dramatizes a devastating Martian invasion of the Earth. WAR OF THE WORLDS was produced by George Pal and won an Oscar for special effect in 1953. The fabulous Martian war machines produced for the film have become one of the most clearly identifiable icons in science fiction cinema. WAR OF THE WORLDS stars Gene Barry, Ann Robinson and Les Tremayne.

Like Paramount's re-mastered edition of WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE, WAR OF THE WORLDS is a knockout. The image is now sharp, detailed and free from the film grain that plagued the previous edition. As for the color, it is fantastic, and really comes close to capturing the look of WAR OF THE WORLDS original IB Technicolor release prints. Additionally, the film's soundtrack is another treat. On the digital track we can now enjoy WAR OF THE WORLDS in stereo! The opening moments are great, we go from a sedate monaural narration to an enveloping stereo that takes hold for the rest of the film. On the right analog track you will find the film's music and effects isolated from the rest of the soundtrack. The Pioneer pressing had a few inclusions.


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