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Since last issue, I've received quite a few requests for various films, but two films in particular have received more requests than any other. SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE and SUPERMAN II are two films that are very popular with genre fans, and by the number of requests I've received, very popular with Laserdisc collectors. From the requests, Laserdisc collectors have made it clear that they want to see SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE and SUPERMAN II released in a single Letterboxed, THX collector's edition with supplements. As many of you are aware, Warner Home Video has recently announced SUPERMAN II and SUPERMAN II in Letterboxed editions, yet many collectors continued to send in requests. Obviously, these impending releases don't negate the need for a single collector's edition encompassing the first two films in the series. Nor do they negate that the fact that SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE needs to be remastered. I know a lot of collectors have complained about the quality of the current Letterboxed transfer. By the way, your fellow collectors specified that the supplements should include the extra footage contained in the network television broadcasts as well as all other cut footage, trailers, interviews, a Dolby Digital soundtrack and audio commentary with the principle participants in the production.

If you would like to see a collector's edition of SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE and SUPERMAN II please contact Warner Home Video. Warner can be reached at the following address:

Warner Home Video
4000 Warner Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91522-1543
Telephone: 818-954-6000
Fax: 818-954-6480
E-Mail Page:
Web Site:
Web Site:

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