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Revised: 04/08/00


This final Operation: Laserdisc objective is for the classic Michael Powell / Emeric Pressburger fantasy STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN (aka A MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH). 

STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN was given a restoration several years ago thanks to filmmaker Martin Scorsese. I was fortunate enough to attend a screening of the restored print, which was quite lovely and will make for an excellent transfer to DVD.  Set during World War II, this romantic fantasy is the story of a RAF pilot who should have been killed in battle, but due to an error, misses his appointment at the pearly gates. Of course, heavenly agents are dispatched to rectify the mistake, however they find that the RAF pilot is unwilling to leave Earth since he has fallen in love with an American nurse during his extra time amongst the living.  

This classic film stars David Niven, Kim Hunter and Raymond Massey, and features the spectacular Technicolor cinematography of the legendary Jack Cardiff. 

Please note: STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN has been issued on VHS cassette by Columbia TriStar Home Video.

If you would like to see STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN issued on DVD, contact:

DVD Department
Columbia/TriStar Home Video
10202 W. Washington Blvd., Rm 8708
Culver City, CA 90232-3195
Web Site:

Note: Columbia TriStar only responds to snail mail- e-mail is a waste of time!

However, please take the time to cast a vote to get STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN released on DVD at THE DVD FILE Request Line  Page:

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